Living with Empty Boxes

What can we do on a hot day like today?
What can we do on a hot day like today?

As we unpack and settle down I’m fighting those little bubbles of disappointment that surface unbidden when you’ve had years to imagine the perfect home.   As more boxes are emptied out I’m seeing the less, not the more.  In my perfect home I would have countless laundry baskets (that would magically store themselves away when not in use), I would have a drying rack for clean dishes (and a sink that would wash dishes independently), and I would know where we stored the baby pool – or know if we even owned a baby pool.

But then there are the reality check moments when I realize that reality is wonderful and just as it should be.  Children show you those moments; they instill joy in your heart and contentment in your dreams, because they see reality and love the gift it holds.

I’d like to share such a moment with you.  It’s been unusually hot for the upper MidWest and playing outside has been, well, hot.  When my daughter climbed into the tiny bucket with an inch of water in it and tried to sit down, I knew something had to change.  Oh how I wished I knew where the baby pool was (do we even own one?) and after frantically digging through boxes in the basement, I grabbed an empty plastic box as an alternative.

An uncharted sea with one's imagination
An uncharted sea with one’s imagination

I had the “well, it isn’t much but it will have to do” mentality as I plopped the hose in.  Then my daughter clambered in and the magic happened. We spent an afternoon splashing about with a few plastic balls and a hose and man it rivaled a day at the Wisconsin Dells.  I noticed that the tracking tag from the moving company and the label I had stuck to the box were still there.  Would you look at that?  Here we are, LIVING.

Now this is living
Now this is living

An empty box, that was once filled with things for living, is now filled with the living, and we are loving life.  Thank you for the blessing of this moment.  Thank you for lost baby pools (do we even own a pool?) and for boxes that were once brimming with useful needs and which are now filled with laughter in the learning.


Take a minute to look at the empty boxes in your life.  What gifts do they still hold?


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