Empty Walls

See this blank wall?

A clipped welcome
A clipped welcome

It is the first thing you see when you walk into our house.

An abrupt cut-off, an unwelcoming standoffish entry.

And then you have to make a decision to turn right or left.  If you go right you end up in the a hallway to the study and kitchen.  If you go left you still go down a short hallway to end up in the living room and then the kitchen too.  Remember my inherent dislike for left turns?  I like the living room but generally still get there through study-kitchen-living room route.

A blank wall is an easy fix, and no, I don’t intend to knock down the wall, but as soon as you put something on it- voile, it is no longer blank.

It will also be the very first thing people see when they enter.  An introduction to us and an invitation to you to please come in; we are not all that scary and hopefully neither are you.

I liked this frame, and I’ve always loved this print, but it wasn’t quite right.

A beloved souvenir from The Louvre
A beloved souvenir from The Louvre

So what to put there?  I enjoyed spending a bit of time on Etsy trying to image what would fill the void.

Then I unpacked this print, an earlier Etsy treasure, and of course it is perfect.

It's perfect
It’s perfect

It has been waiting for a home to call its own, it has been longing to welcome family home, it has been yearning for a blank wall.

This blank wall.


Which is no longer so.


Welcome, please come in and make yourselves comfortable.

Ah what a nice welcome
Ah what a nice welcome

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