February Making and Mending

stop to smell the poppies
Dellabug and Odin both enjoyed seeing the poppy blanket up close


February is a fantastic month to spend on colorful warm projects.

This month I took a deep breath and removed the 4 seasons afghan I made for my husband from its safe resting place on the back of the master bedroom chair so it can actually get some use, spent some time mending a crochet gift I made for my mom years ago, and spent lovely quiet evening hours working on a new cozy blanket.

reading w the 4 seasons
The four seasons blanket is a great reading companion.

While Timm and I were still dating I made this blanket for him and my mom jokingly said she wanted it if we ever broke up.

Undoubtedly one of my favorite corners in the house

After he proposed I decided to make my mom a consolation blanket since she clearly would never get the first one. I made up the designs on my own and had a thoroughly wonderful time piecing together bits and bobs of yarn. The first blanket represents the 4 seasons (can you match the correct corner to its season?) centered around the sun.


My mom’s blanket was inspired by a field of poppies on a bright blue sky day with wispy white clouds. She loves primary colors and throughout her house she has gorgeous blue and white color combinations. Last time we went down for a visit I asked to take it home with me to do a few touch-ups and possibly get around to putting a proper backing and border on it.


poppy collage
An up close look at a few of the scrumbled poppies. No two are alike.

Shown below is the cozy blanket (it’s spelled cosy on the original blog, maybe a difference in British English vs American?). Pattern courtesy of Attic24. Definitely one of my favorite blogs and a constant companion during the bleak dull winter days. Such a delight to sit at home with a lap overflowing with color and dream of Spring.

cosy collage
The cozy blanket in another cozy corner of the house

It is super fun to make my own designs and a big reason I do is because I seem totally incapable of following directions. But with this Cozy Blanket I AM following the design (pretty much, the hook i’m using is ever so slightly smaller than the one she recommends) and it is a different kind of relaxation to sit down and crochet and know what will happen next.  As a Christmas gift to myself I ordered the yarn pack for the blanket which makes this another first for me.  Every other crochet project has always started with rummaging through my yarn baskets and adding on new skeins as they come along which means there is a complete hodgepodge of fiber types in the other two blankets which makes cleaning care a bit tricky.  This time I have everything in place beforehand and as a soft yet acrylic fiber I plan on this being a blanket to stand up to toddler snuggles and everyday family life.

Dellabug asked to use the real camera just like mommy and she took a few nice ones.  This one of cloudy sky granny square is my favorite of the bunch.


3 comments on “February Making and Mending

  1. Ahhhhhh. I love those first two…so glad Timm proposed and you said yes. The Consolation Blanket is a double grand prize! Loving son in law. Lovely blanket.

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