The Happy Home Ec Apron


The second apron I’m sharing for Adriane’s apronalong is this cheerful number.

She is the last of her kind, a public school home ec sewing project, which I proudly presented to my mother as a gift sometime during my middle school years.  I was in the last class to have home ec at my school.  I wonder whatever became of that large classroom equipped with ovens, stoves, sinks, and fridges.

Home ec1

To this day I am proud of the straight stitches, the carefully selected thread to match the fabric, the sunny disposition capture by the print, the reversible design.  I could go on.

Home ec

While snapping a few quick pictures of it for your viewing pleasure, I tried to think of other classes that provided such tangible life skills.  For the most part I enjoyed school, I was not particularly thrilled with homework and honestly usually didn’t do it, but I listened and learned in the classroom.  Most of my undergrad college courses had less applicable value than this humble elective.


Middle school is supposedly a high drama, stressful time of life, a time when you later look back and think “oh man, I’m glad I’m not like that anymore”, but this wasn’t the case for me.  I don’t know why, but I didn’t weather a storm of self identity crisis.  I’ve always been me and my late 20’s self is just as pleased with what this apron has to say as my preteen self was.


I don’t remember much about my home ec teacher but I recall she was soft spoken, consistent, and valued what she taught.  I’m sure she would be pleased to know this apron has held up to messy days in the kitchen.



2 comments on “The Happy Home Ec Apron

  1. I still use my apron from junior high home ec. (although it was technically called “Family and Consumer Sciences”). I also still use the little stool I made in my junior high shop class. Unfortunately, those skills didn’t stick with me into adult life. :p

    • Ooo I wish i had taken shop class! It used to be a standard part of the training for occupational therapists but no more. Although most of my sewing projects are much more slap-dash compared to my first apron, the experience gave me confidence to fiddle with a sewing machine, befriend the seem ripper, and not be intimidated by the idea of trying over. When this apron has been worn to shreds, those lasting lessons will keep me in good stead.

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