Hats 4 Home


This is a quick update relating to The Girl in a Hat post I wrote earlier this month.  In it I said that I was flinging myself into this whole advocacy/fundraising thing with nary a clue of what would happen.

Angelina’s hat


I had hoped to raise at least $100, so 5 hats, but I was hesitant to have such high hopes.

For a mother with three young daughters. The smallest is for her infant girl who is only a couple months old! I am absolutely thrilled with how this collection turned out!


At the beginning of this month Angelina’s grant was at $3,858.  Have a peek at her grant now!
Mercifully not all the people who gave so generously asked for hats, but I will say my wish to make more than two hats this year certainly came true.  I still have 4 more to make for one tea loving family. Here are a few pictures of a couple favorites.

When in doubt, add more flowers…


…or feathers…


…or both flowers and feathers!



A few people asked me to share how I make these so that will be coming up later this week as I go through making my own fascinator for Easter morning.


This week another little girl in Angelina’s same orphanage with the same basic medical condition was listed on My Family Found Me which means a family is working towards adopting her!

Mercy’s family just found out that they need to complete a new homestudy instead of updating the one from a previous adoption.  They are scrambling to raise this unexpected $1800 fee.  I am happy to send a hat to anyone who gives a donation of $20 or more to their gofundme account.  Same plan as with Angelina’s grant, after you give the donation send an email to hats4home@gmail.com with a receipt of your donation and the address you want the hat sent to.  Off you go!

It gives me so much hope to see this other little girl going home; I know Angelina’s home is out there too.  Please continue to share her infectious smile and urgent need with people in hopes that her family will find her soon.  And thank you for the support you have given Angelina already through prayers and donations alike!



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