On Your First Mother’s Day


On your very first mother’s day, I would like to say
how grateful I am that you saw his face and knew he was the one.

I had been hoping, praying, and planning that this mother’s day I would be the one waiting for completed paperwork, waiting for travel dates, waiting to hold him in my arms and to whisper “yes, I am your mama”.
I had been imagining that on future mornings, when my children would rise up to call me blessed, he would be there doted on by his sisters, and I would believe them for they are my blessing.
I had been researching his condition in preparation for the trials and unknowns that certainly lay ahead.
And with all the hoping, praying, planning, imagining, and researching I thought that we were ready, that clearly this was meant to be…
…but you were the answer to our prayers, that God would provide a family for him ready to cherish his pudgy toes and fawn over his perfect nose.

So on this, your very first mother’s day,
There is something I’d like you to know.

That on your very first mother’s day, your son would like to say
how grateful he is you saw his face and knew he was the one.





Colleen and James Wierenga are in the process of adopting little Elijah, a boy who stole my heart many months ago.  They still need quite a chunk of change before they travel, so if you feel like giving them a mother’s day gift, head over the their Reece’s Rainbow account!

Although my husband and I had all these logical cool-headed plans for waiting till we paid off student loans before diving into adoption, we both fell head over heels for Elijah and decided to ask for his file to see if we could adopt him.  The day I sent the email asking for his file was the same day the Wierenga’s submitted their commitment papers for Elijah.  When they announced on the Reece’s Rainbow fb group that they were his family I had a hard time rejoicing at the news and later when Colleen sent me a friend request I kinda ignored it for awhile because I had such mixed feelings every time I saw her name.

We had been praying that God would provide a family for Elijah, in my heart I was hoping it was us, but God had other plans.  But He did not leave me alone in this confusing whirlwind of emotions trying to feel happy while also feeling so sad, He answered my unspoken need for comfort and gave me peace which led to joy.

We continue to pray for Elijah, prayers of thanksgiving that God has placed Colleen and James in his life, and we pray for Colleen and James that God may give them strength, patience, and grace in the days and years to come.

Today I’m overjoyed to say, from one mother to another, Happy First Mother’s Day Colleen!


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