May/June Adoption Resources

Oh my best of intentions, how they swirl around me as the days pass to months and yet another month swept by without my promised pre-adoption info post.

To be honest, May was the hardest month emotionally so far in this journey of orphan advocacy and hopefully soon adoption.  Sweet Angelina turned 8 sometime last month (the actual day is not listed on Reece’s Rainbow), and I wanted to write a birthday message to her in hopes her family would bring her home before she endures another year alone, but although I started countless drafts, I could not plow through the weight of this birthday.  It was as if acknowledging the monstrous swinging of the pendulum marking every passing second would age her out of her relatively safe place and into an institution.

I have continued gathering resources all the while so here are a few to share with others considering adoption but before I share, please pause a moment to say a prayer (like this one) for little Maiya.  It is all too easy for children to get lost in the jumble of faces and it is especially difficult for children who have no speech to speak up.  I don’t know how long she has been floating around on the Reece’s Rainbow website but this is why people advocate, so that names are not forgotten and children are not lost forever!  If you want to be involved with helping a child but cannot adopt, please consider being a prayer warrior or guardian angel for Maiya.



Adoption Resources: 

1. Don’t Turn Away: Life in an Orphanage is a good blog post over at Our Family.  I realized with a start that through social media friendships and the adoption community I actually know a child or two pictured in this post.  It is always heartbreaking to see the “before” pictures of these tiny discarded people but also incredibly encouraging to witness their miraculous growth as soon as they come home.  This is a hard post to read straight through because it deals with hard truths.  You should still read it; avoiding hard truth only makes the world a more hard-hearted place.

2.  Ah TED Talks how I love you so! Though not directly related to orphans, this playlist of 5 Ted talks that challenge the way we view disability is fantastic.

*3.  This adoption book list was compiled by a fellow member of Reece’s Rainbow.  We checked out The Connected Child months ago and have found it to be helpful for providing parenting techniques we can already use with our current biological children and hope to someday apply much of the knowledge shared in these pages while parenting future adopted children.  Currently I am reading Adopted for Life which is an intertwining story of Christianity and adoption.  Next I’m going to see if our library can get Attaching Through Love, Hugs and Play.

4.  And sticking with the book theme, here is a list of 10 Favorite Children’s Books About Adoption.  I have not read any of these yet but I am also going to see if our library can provide a few if not all of them.  We have been talking quite openly with our 3 1/2 year-old daughter already about what it means to be an orphan, what adoption is and how she can have brothers and/or sisters who do not come from mommy and daddy but I am sure picture books will also help and if we find some that are particularly good we will add them to our family library to have on hand to help with talking about adoption both with our biological children and our adopted children.

*Amazon does not sponsor any of my posts, the Amazon links for books provided are because I have those books on my wish list so it was easy to link them to my post


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