While We Wait To Know Her True Name

Oh frabjous day!  Callooh, Callay!  I’m over here chortling with joy!

Our little one has been placed on the Reece’s Rainbow “my family found me” page so now we can reveal the little we know about her.

She is listed as Angelina, though that is only her profile name; we won’t be told her real name until we go over to her country in Eastern Europe (we can’t tell where we are going but we are using this facilitation team and this duolingo tool 😉 )


Her name will be familiar to you if you’ve been following our story for a while since I advocated for her here, here, and here.

This little angel has been gracing the shelf about my tea corner for years. Something about her, maybe the hair?, reminds me of Angelina.

Tonight’s post is just a quick update since I have been BURSTING to share the news.  In the following months I will continue to document our progress and advocate for other children waiting for families.  If you want to help Angelina come home, please feel free to donate over at our GoFundMe page.  That $4,105 goal is a drop in the bucket as we strive to raise the estimated $27,630 that it will take to complete her adoption.  It seems like a huge sum (because it is) but I will provide a breakdown of costs for the benefit of others considering adoption.  If you can look at one fee at a time, have a vast support network, and pray pray pray pray pray pray, it suddenly doesn’t seem impossible.


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