New “Fully Funded” Goal

As I mentioned in my last post, we have been able to work through the roadblock that brought our homestudy to a screeching halt.  We now have an umbrella agency who will sign off on the completed homestudy which comes with a $1,500 price tag. In addition to that fee, the price of the education material needs to be increased as well, so I thought I’d give a quick update on our new total and share how close we are!

Here is a general breakdown of expenses for Angelina’s adoption process. The majority of these numbers are estimates, who knows what the exchange rate will be at the time of our travels etc, etc, etc.

  • Social Worker Application Fee: $600 (done)
  • Hague education material provided by social worker’s agency: $300 (done)
  • Additional education fees: $265
  • Umbrella Agency fees: $1,500
  • Homestudy Fee and mileage fee: $5,250 (required in two installments, first installment paid)
  • Reece’s Rainbow Voice of Hope Fund: $250 (done)
  • Reece’s Rainbow FSP Fee: $25 (done)
  • USCIS Fees: $720+$85 per adult in home = $890
  • Marriage Certificates: $75 (done)
  • FBI Police Clearance: $110 (done)
  • Various Postage: $200
  • Apostille Fees: $450
  • Travel to Europe: $5,000 (2 adults round trip is about $1250 per person. Angelina’s country typically has parents take two trips over.)
  • Adoption Facilitation Team Fees: $9,400 ($900 already paid, the rest will be due when we travel!)
  • Travel in country: $500
  • Child’s Medical Appt for Visa: $250
  • Child’s Visa Application: $350
  • Child’s Passport and Expedition Fees: $500
  • Living in Europe for approximately 5 weeks total: $3,500
  • Angelina’s travel: $800
  • Travel Items: $250
  • Emergency Fund: $1,000

ESTIMATED TOTAL: $31,465  – which is such a DAUNTING amount until you see how much is already raised…


Thanks to numerous people’s incredible generosity, we have raised $23,906

So we ONLY HAVE $7,559 TO GO!!!!!!!!

(If you’d like to help chip away at that number, please consider giving a donation to our grant at Reece’s Rainbow)

We have a handful of fundraisers coming up soon too including a Spuds and Salad Luncheon, Brat Fry, and online Pampered Chef party, I continue to pick up hours at work, and my husband is still donating plasma as a way to add to our goal in little $20 increments.

Honestly, if I had known how much this adoption would have cost (the estimate for her country is about $6,000 less than what we are having to tackle), I don’t know if we would ever stepped out on this journey, but God has provided in the most unexpected ways and we put our trust in him.


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