A Prayer Request

It was exactly three months ago that we learned Angelina was facing the possibility of being transferred to a different institution.  Since then we have held out hope that we would be there soon enough, that the director at the baby house would manage to keep her there long enough, that the trauma of an additional transfer would be spared.

Tonight I learned that Angelina was transferred.

I don’t know how long she has been out of the baby house, I do not know what kind of institution she is currently in.  Our amazing facilitation team is keeping track of her and I’m sure they will let us know more soon.  Tonight all the unknowns only serve to increase the burden of helplessness I feel as we pray for our heart-held daughter, the daughter smiling out at us from picture frames all over the house.

Please hold Angelina in your constant prayers.  Pray that God would protect her body, mind, and joyful spirit.  God is powerful, God comes to the weak and helpless in their distress and as my husband reminded me tonight, even as we live in this world surrounded by such horrific cruelty, God is good.


Last night Dellabug crept into my room around midnight to hold my hand.  The big bad wolf was lurking in her dreams and she needed reassurance.  We prayed Psalm 23, just as my father did for me when I was a little girl, and she went back to bed.  She was still afraid, she still sensed that evil lurked in the darkness, but she slept in peace.  Tonight I will pray this psalm again for peace in my own soul, there is nothing else I can do and it is enough.


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