The New Orphanage

We have been experiencing an outpouring of love ever since Tuesday night when we learned of Angelina’s transfer.  My husband was away for a conference when I received the email, which made the news all that much harder to process alone.

The next morning I headed to the library for story time with the girls; I knew sitting at home ruminating would not help anyone.  When I walked in the library door, I was greeted with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from a friend who had read the blog update.  That unexpected gesture sparked the trickle of grateful tears which continued to spring up throughout that trying day.  When I stopped by the cafe to grab coffee (which was needed after about 3 hours of sleep) and my first meal in ages, the barista asked how the adoption was going and told me how excited she is to meet Angelina.  Cue tears and hugs.  Later when I dropped by our tiny one-man post office our postal worker asked after Angelina.  More tears, more hugs.  I received numerous facebook messages from fellow adoptive parents, emails, and phone calls from friends.  Oh, and that blog post received more views in a day than my little blog generally gets in a month.

The chorus of the day was “we will continue to pray for you” which means by the time I asked for prayer requests, people were already praying, God was already providing.

Today I received this update from our facilitation team “Angelina is in a pretty “good” place, I know different people have different opinion, but I can compare with other orphanages, and her new orphanage is pretty good.”

That is all we know so far, but that is enough. Thank you for your prayers.  Please continue to pray.


*notice how close we are to being fully funded! $24,801 is nothing to sneeze at!*



2 comments on “The New Orphanage

  1. I’m glad to hear the news that she is in a pretty good place. I will continue to pray for her and your adoption process. Blessings on your family!

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