A Is For …

A is for Adelaide living in America.  She lives a blissful childhood life filled with trips to the zoo, cuddles with mommy, cookie baking with daddy, and library storytime with her little sister.

She knows that A is for Apple, Adorable, and Animal


Across the ocean there is another Adelaide living in a different country that also starts with A.  She lives on the 2nd floor of an orphanage, which is where she spends most of her days because she is in a wheelchair due to spina bifida.  She does not even go to school (thankfully her orphanage does have a tutor come in) and her “activities” include folding laundry for the orphanage.


She knows from experience that A is for Abandoned, Alone, and “Activities”.

What this other Adelaide doesn’t know is that other As apply to her too, words like


Angel Tree

and hopefully sooner than later,


This year I am Adelaide’s Advocate for the Angel Tree, an annual program through Reece’s Rainbow,  described by the organization as “our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year. Children included on our Angel Tree this year are those with Down syndrome ages 3-9 and some of the most overlooked children (emphasis mine) from our Other Angels, chosen by our own warriors! They will be posted on one page for people to sponsor and donate for their adoption grants.”  Through November and December I will be advocating for her, I will be blogging for her while also keeping you updated on Angelina’s adoption process.

My goal is to build Adelaide’s grant up to at least $1,000.  I am deeply grateful for all the people who slowly built up our Angelina’s grant over the years as they waited and prayed for a family to commit to her.  Now I’m praying for a family to see Adelaide and realize their daughter is waiting for them across the world.  Starting November 1st through the end of December, a tax deductible donation of $35 to her grant (scroll through the names till you find her!) on Reece’s Rainbow will mean you will also receive a lovely glass ornament with a picture of Adelaide.  Please consider donating, share her story, and pray for her.



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  1. […] specific orphans while increasing their adoption grants. I participated last year advocating for Adelaide (who JUST had a family commit to her!!! SQUEEEEE).  This year it was totally not on my radar […]

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