Adelaide’s Timeline (Angel Tree Post)

A nice thing about facebook is how you can search for a timeline, but oh my goodness, it can also be so sobering as I see orphans growing up in pictures.

growing up in pictures
A younger Adelaide

On January 17, 2015 I first asked about Adelaide on the Reece’s Rainbow facebook group.  This was before I started advocating for children here on my blog, it was before my husband and I sat down and hashed out how we could possibly afford to adopt, it was before we started the whirlwind adoption process for Angelina.  Her name was what caught my attention, it is the a name dear to my heart, and I was saddened to see she had absolutely $0 in her grant.

I searched farther back.  She was newly listed on Reece’s Rainbow’s website in July 2014.  Since then every few months someone would give the simple plea “where is this sweet girl’s family” and there would be a flurry of comments of people saying how sweet she is, what a wonderful daughter she would be, etc, etc. Her grant would stay at $0, she would stay in the orphanage, and it would seem like nothing came of those comments.

But slowly, ever so slowly, her grant began to creep up thanks to $5, $10, $15 or more donations people donated.  A family began asking questions, wondering if they would manage to work out adopting her.  In the end they could not begin the process but it gave me hope, hope that people were seeing her face, praying she would become a beloved daughter, and live a life filled with experiences beyond the 2nd floor of an orphanage, and ultimately rejoice for all eternity secure in the arms of her loving heavenly father.

I’m grateful for the people who continue to ask “where is her family” and for the people who continue to coo over her picture and share dreams of her being brought into a family.  It was just such a comment thread on facebook which brought Angelina to our attention.  I pray that a seemingly small act such as writing a quick blog post, sharing this girl’s story, and continuing to ask people “where is her family? could you be her family?” could lead to a family stepping out in faith soon to bring her home. Please pray for Adelaide, share her story, and donate to her adoption grant here (scroll down to find her name.)  



2 comments on “Adelaide’s Timeline (Angel Tree Post)

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