Everyone Needs A Hobby…

Everyone needs a hobby but things are getting a little outa hand here.


I’ve started keeping projects in baskets to make them more portable as I live through the house with the littles all day.

It started with one basket.

Then another

Then another

And just this morning, yet another basket.

Each basket holds anywhere from 2 to 5 projects or potential projects


There is a nearly completed mermaid tail blanket, yarn for another mermaid tail, and a cosy blanket which has been in the works for almost a year.



There is the embroidery basket which has my completed but not yet framed embroidery piece, 2 embroidery loops with fabric in them, snips of extra fabric which could be used somehow for something.






There is the one filled with wool rovings and sheets of felt.  I am inspired by Sally Mavor’s stunning books and hope to make little felt fairy people too, they could make nice fundraiser pieces.  Or I could use the felt to make little maryoki doll ornaments.



This one has fabric for coordinating dresses for the girls.  SQUEEEEEEEE.  I am still setting up the sewing corner in the basement though so for now I content myself by toting the fabric around with me. so I can pull out the huge shiny pink flower buttons on a whim to squeal and jump with wiggling happy toes.  I reassure you that this sort of behavior is toooooootallllllly normal.



This is typical seasonal behavior for me.  Every autumn I find myself itching to create, pacing in my mind as I dream up designs, but it has never ever bee this bad before.  One year I threw myself into mail art.  For a few years I made jewelry.  Crochet has been a constant for the past forever.

I’ve put my finger on why this year is so extreme.  It is the first Autumn I’m not moving, settling from a move, or pregnant.  Amazing what a difference this makes.

DSC00336 DSC00335 DSC00334




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