We’d All Like To Know More

It’s been a few weeks since we announced the wonderful news of adding Travis John to our family through adoption and you’ve probably been wanting to know more about this darling ball of squish.  I’m with ya!  I’d like to know more as well.  This is life for people in the adoption process, you hold a lot of hopes and dreams loosely, you take all the medical information with a grain of salt, and you know that the only thing you do know is that there is more to know that you can’t know now and may never find out.  You can take a minute to reread that last sentence, that is what I meant to say.

One thing we do know is that Angelina and Travis are in different regions. I don’t know what regions they are in. I do know Angelina’s region requires an original of the dossier. I do know that Travis’ region may or may not require an original dossier depending on the judge assigned for the adoption court hearing.  This left us with two options for the dossier 1) Scrap ALL the paperwork I’ve been compiling for the past 6 months and start over and make TWO original identical dossiers, or 2) continue on with the paperwork as is, finalize one dossier and pray that we get a sympathetic judge for Travis who accepts a verified copy of our dossier.

There are a lot of things that are totally out of our hands during adoption and I jumped at the chance to increase the odds of the adoption going smoothly once we travel.  As time would have it, a lot of the paperwork completed for Angelina’s dossier is close to passing the 5 month expiration and would need to be redone anyways so now we simply need to make two originals or each document.

Does it add to expenses? Yes, about $695

Does it add yet another opportunity for molasses slow bureaucracy to get things mixed up and ruined? Yes.

It is really worth it?  If it means we can bring home Angelina and Travis with minimal hassle then YES it is worth it even for this paperwork despising mama.

The first round of paperwork was my practice round.  This time I know what to do and will get it processed in no time which is definitely something we need to do now that we are close to phase II of the adoption where our homestudy is sent to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services for approval.

We know a lot less about Travis than we do about Angelina.  A big part of that is because he is so much younger there have been less opportunity for adoptive families to meet him and share about his personality and situation.  It feels a lot more like all the unknowns when pregnant, wondering who this little person will be, anticipating sharing all the firsts of his young life.  I do know he has sisters eager to dote on him, a Daddy who is ready to wrestle, and a Mommy who can’t wait to snuggle him close.


While out with my husband this past weekend I picked up this framed picture at a tidy antique mall.  It signals the start of the next phase of our adoption process, the nesting phase, a point where all the paperwork is done that we can do and we are waiting, waiting, waiting, nesting, nesting, nesting, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.

Like a magpie I’ve been gathering bits for Angelina’s room for ages, I’ll share all that soon, but I couldn’t wait to share the first item for Travis’ room.

“Four things a man must learn to do, if he would make his record true.  To think without confusion, clearly.  To love his fellow man sincerely.  To act from honest motives purely. To trust in God and Heaven securely.” – Henry Van Dyke







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