So That Was February

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth saying again: I do not like February in Wisconsin.

So dreary.

In February we are all desperately in need of fresh air, warm breezes, sunlight, and green things growing.

This February was a month of refreshing the home.  Remind me next year and I should do this every February!

I was busy this February, so busy that I never sat down to write a single blog post!

Here is what I did instead of social media 🙂

  • Took everything out of every cupboard in the kitchen, assessed if it was useful and beautiful, tossed, gave, or put back.  This led to every drawer and cupboard being reorganized.  I am not by nature a very tidy or organized person; it is only thanks to having a tidy husband and excellent example of housekeeping from my mother that I can gather the energy to clean and organize at all.  Sorting one cupboard successfully built momentum to go to the next and that momentum kept on rolling for the entire month.  It is nothing short of a miracle.
  • Finally got storage baskets for the pantry. And closets. And cupboards. Oh and those storage spaces up there.  Basically it became a basket bonanza at the Heath home! Thanks Aldi and Goodwill, you guys are the best.
  • Painted Angelina’s room.  I was committed to pink, really talked myself up to it, and then walked out of Home Depot with this instead.  Couldn’t be more pleased.  It’s enamelware originally from a Martha Stewart paint chip that I’ve held onto for years.  Home Depot was able to whip up a custom version of it for me and it is perfect, so soothing and uplifting.  When everything is in place I’ll do a room reveal (also need to find my camera, I must have tidied it away somewhere and now have no idea where it is because it’s not laying about in plain sight anymore)


  • Painted a purple wall in the kitchen!!!  This is what happens when you spend your free time reading Apartment Therapy books.  How do I have free time you ask?  I don’t, I read  in this magical limbo state where time is suspended.  I wish I knew how to make that happen more often. (Thanks mom for taking the girls for a long visit – that’s actually how I was able to read)
  • Wrestled this strange space tacked onto the side of one kitchen wall into a functional home office.  It is this built in little thingy space in the kitchen/dinning room.  Since we’ve had spare rooms since we moved in, I never used that place and it was a dumping ground for things that didn’t have an established place.  Husband and I had a phenomenal Ikea date and came home with tiny little tweaks to make small spaces around the house work better for us.
  • Tackled a room in the basement that needs to be the library, guest room and craft supplies storage space.  That meant pulling everything out of it, washing it down floor to ceiling and setting it back up in a new configuration.  This isn’t finished but at least it’s on the right path now.
  • Set up “quiet time” rotation baskets for Dellabug
  • Took afternoon naps.  Where have you been all my life?
  • Started using my spark notebook to make weekly goals.  I’ve been getting so much more done now that I have year long, month long, week long, and daily goals.  My favorite part is the reflect and celebrate part at the beginning of every week.  I cannot wait to be able to write down travel dates for THE BIG TRIP and record the days when we finally meet Angelina and Travis!
  • Reinvigorated my menu planning and stumbled into a new approach which really seems to be working for me.  You are probably dying to know more. Will I tell you more about that later? Yes, yes I will.  But not in this post, hold your horses.
  • Discovered the “best offer” option on Ebay while looking into lamps for Angelina’s room.  Her room now has 3 lamps…Oh and I have new bedside lamp too…good thing I was outbid on the peacock floor lamp. *sniff* you were so beautiful. my mom would have cringed at it every time she visited though.


  • Started making Easter hats again, so nice to have people come back from last year and ask if I was going to do that as a fundraiser again. Kinda.  I think I’ve had 4 ordered.  If I have time I will make one more and put it up as auction or raffle, not sure on the details yet.


  • Had a lunch date with a girlfriend followed by stop at Steins gardens and gifts I an provided the moral support as she chose a houseplant (or three) for her house.  Yes I came home with a gorgeous houseplant and made a terrarium.
  • Soaked up the silence.  I’m an introvert, always have been, always will be.  During that week when both girls were gone with my parents and my husband was at work I sorted through boxes in the basement for hours on end and discovered something I thought lost a long time ago: my mind.  It’s been in survival mode for so long.  I did not know I could maintain one thought for more than 2 seconds.  It was reassuring to know it’s still there, hanging out in the background while these crazy busy days turn into blessing filled years.  Some day I’ll be an empty nester and my mind will come buzzing back out into the silence, I’ll write a book, start a gardening consultation business, move to an acreage and raise Icelandic chickens, American guinnea hogs, quail, and have a dozen or two dogs.  In the meantime it’s nice to know it’s still there, a bit of myself simply waiting patiently for silence.

This was the best February ever.  Our house is feeling like a home in every nook and cranny and I think it’s as ready as it will ever be to handle the increased daily use of those spaces. So March, BRING IT ON, with February under our belt we can sail through Lent, Easter and all that entails for a pastor family.  Praying that April or May sees us waiting for (or receiving!!!!) travel dates to meet Angelina and Travis.  More on that soon!


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