Tell It With Memes

Good news first! We received unexpected donations into our grant and now by my calculations we have approximately $3,784 to raise TOTAL to be fully funded (as long as we don’t hit more unexpected delays and expenses)!!!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

We had a big milestone for adoption process this month too. Our USCIS fingerprints done on March 3rd!  Yippeeeee! That was a big milestone because it was the final piece that the US government needed before approving our homestudy to be sent over to Eastern Europe!  The day after the fingerprints I called the department to see if our homestudy had been assigned an officer to review and approve us , seeing as how now that they have everything.


They received the initial paperwork back in October, waaaaaay back when I still thought our homestudy process was going smoothly.

I called the next week.  Still not assigned.


I called yesterday.  Still nothing.


Don’t worry, I’m keeping myself self busy.  Most days you’ll find me sorting through all the dossier paperwork that needs to be redone since it all expired while waiting for our social worker to complete our homestudy.  I’m working through twice as much paperwork since now that we are adopting two children, we need two identical original dossiers.


During my free time, when I’m taking a break from the forms, I repeatedly thump my head against the wall because that at least feels productive.  We get these little moments where we see that things are happening, but then all that time in between just drags and draggggggss by.

I want to be polite yet sensible when on the phone with these people, I’d like to say “Ya know, it would makes sense that after we have completed FOUR ROUNDS of FBI fingerprint background checks – yes, we’ve been finger printed four different times – and they have all come back with a clear record, it would seem that perhaps we really truly are trustworthy, honest folk tryin’ to do the right thing and adopt children we already love.  And, since our homestudy was double vetted by TWO, not just one, Hague accredited agency, (oh and let’s not forget the numerous rough drafts and revisions done by 5 parties involved) it is accurate and meets all requirements.  So please give us a shiny little seal, take our money, and let us move on to the next circus ring of bureaucrats.  please?”


But I know that somehow, somewhere, there must be a bureaucratic time-machine ticking away and one day out of the blue we will receive the most coveted USCIS approval and then boy howdy, all this paperwork had better be ready to be shipped off for translation and processing in the next country!



In the meantime, doing paperwork is on my mind awake or asleep.  It is the stuff my dreams are made of.


Or rather my nightmares.


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