Will Without His Twin

The first child I knew of who was a twin without his twin was little Roman.  His twin was born healthy and went home with his biological parents. Roman was born with hydrocephalus just like our Travis; they were both left in orphanages due to their medical needs.

Thanks to advocates sharing stories, I already knew that, although siblings are listed together with the requirement that they must be adopted together, more often than not healthy siblings are adopted domestically while their siblings with disabilities are left behind.  Roman’s story stayed with me because somehow separating twins seemed even worse (though all forms of loss are traumatic).

The Reece’s Rainbow community recently shook with the news that yet another set of twins, Will and Harry, had been broken up. Harry, the healthy sibling, was adopted domestically while his brother Will is still waiting for a family.

I remember their profile on Reece’s Rainbow. I remember clearly the sentence “Will and Harry must be adopted together!”

But just like with Bert, the healthy sibling was adopted while the sibling with disabilities was left behind.  Roman, Will and Bert are all in the same country as Angelina and Travis.  This is a country where domestic adoption of children with disabilities is practically unheard of.

Here is what we know about Will based on his RR profile:


Boy, born 2011

Internal hydrocephalus compensated disgenesis of corpus callosum

He is a twin with Harry, but his twin has been adopted domestically, please let’s find him a family!!

From a family that met him 2/16:
He is a sweet little boy. He has the most amazing blue eyes! I have not seen any evidence of the way his hydro is effecting him except one of his eyes turns in but it does not seem to impede his balance or his ability to play. He goes out to play with all the other kids but is not allowed to do dance with them. He seems to be the more reserved of the twins but that could just be from always feeling like he is being left out and rejected. I really hope that having a family will put that spark back into his eyes.


Did your heart break reading about Will? Mine did.  It seems that there is no end to heartbreak when it comes to opening our eyes to the broken relationships these children endure.  But ignoring their lives to protect our hearts will help no one.  Opening our hearts, praying for Will’s health and protection while he waits for a family, praying for a family to commit to him soon, sharing his story – all these things we CAN do.

I am so grateful for the people who advocated for Angelina and Travis, for the countless bloggers who took the time to share real-life stories from their adoption experience and open my eyes to the needs of these children.  I am especially grateful for the families who continue to share their story after an adoption is finalized, the people who let us see what their family looks like many years later.  This week I read about the Zorosmski family, you should take a moment to pop over to this blog to read about A Family Without A Twin and A Twin Without A Family.  It is an amazing story filled with so much loss, renewal, and hope.  I pray Will, Roman, and Bert will soon have a new chapter in their lives, a chapter where they are part of a family with loving parents and pesky siblings.


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