USCIS Approval! Update about Brayden! And One More Joy!

It has been a wonderful past few days, worth at least three exclamation points in the title.

  1. We received USCIS approval on Saturday.  If our apostilled marriage certificates arrive in the mail next week by Friday, we can have our dossiers on a plane heading to the other country on May 1st.
  2. Remember Brayden, our catalyst child? His story was what finally pushed us over the line from maybe-someday adoption to right-now-let’s-do-this adoption, but we were too young to adopt from China.  Last Monday I turned 29, still one year short of being able to adopt this little boy who so desperately needed a family.  Last week Brayden, now Samuel, arrived in America in the arms of his loving family weighing just 14 lb 10oz.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Such a little life has already made ripples around the world as we are now adopting TWO children from a different country than Brayden’s but it was his story that started it all.
  3. You may remember that last May I wrote a Mother’s Day letter to Colleen as she and her husband waited to complete the adoption process for this darling little boy.  This week they walked out of the orphanage with their sweet son in their arms.  Next month Colleen will get to spend her second year as a mom celebrating mother’s day; it will be their first year to celebrate it all together as a family.

Yes indeed, it has been an incredible week!!!


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