Yesterday I was hopeful.

Today I am realistic.

Late this afternoon 46 documents arrived in the post. 44 of them were apostilled, 2 of them were not due to errors from the notary who filled out the medical records. This means tomorrow will be spent contacting our doctor, getting 6 docs redone with 6 new notaries.  My tracking # from the prepaid postage I sent down with our marriage certs are showing up blank still which means that paperwork is not even in the mail yet.

We will not be making the May 2nd opportunity to send our dossiers overseas.

The family leaving on Monday to meet their THREE new daughters started the adoption process in November, 2015 which means they started the process 6 months after us yet they are already traveling and will most likely be home with their children before we receive travel dates.  What can I say, the adoption process is unpredictable; every family has their own story.

So how am I doing? I am doing well, truly.  I have worn glasses since I was in 4th grade and they have never been rose colored.  It is much easier to know answers and be able to plan the next move verses hanging in limbo.

Next move is to get these last 2 documents apostilled and find out who is traveling next.  It is a setback, but we have been working through setbacks for almost a year; I’d say we are pros at working through them without losing heart.  For my husband and I the process of getting through a setback looks like this:

1) Deep breath, look at the facts in the face.  Today the fact is that we will not get the documents together in time for May 2nd.

2) Take another deep breath. Let go of that plan.

3) Pray for patience, guidance, and peace.

4) Make a new plan, do not lose momentum.

As always, please pray for my family.  Pray for my children under my roof who are eager to meet their new siblings.  Pray for my children who have no idea that they are loved, who do not know they have a mommy and daddy on the other side of the world trying to bring them home.

Thank you for the prayer you have already prayed. On days like today I look around and wonder why I am not more disheartened, why I’m not mopping about eating a pan of brownies and watching Legally Blonde in a total funk.  The answer must be that I am being sustained by faith, hope, and love.


3 comments on “Nope

  1. Praying for you. Thank you for sharing. It is a blessing to share in your journey. It is inspiring. I pray for the day your family is in the same house, but for now, I hope it helps to know that so may friends and family are praying for those you will adopt!

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