“Yes, They Are All Mine” Fundraiser

Rebecca Adair probably already hears this phrase every single time she is in public with her four daughters.


When she and her husband return from Eastern Europe with three more daughters, this shirt and tote will sure come in handy don’t ya think!

The Adair’s are the family I mentioned in my last post, the ones who are leaving on a jet plane Monday morning without our documents, the ones who started the adoption process the end of November, 2015.

I love reading their bio FSP:

For many years, Rebecca and Jacob talked about adopting two siblings. Rebecca is the second youngest of eight children and always wanted a large family. Jacob knows the importance that parents have in the life of a child. After many attempts, the Adairs were able to have four girls: Jadalyn, Gabriella, Sierra, and Marlys. But they still felt like they had room in their hears and home for more.

When starting the adoption process, the Adairs looked immediately at siblings adoptions. Siblings have a significantly harder time being adopted. Add age and special needs to the equation and this increases the length of time these kids wait. Many of these kids age out of the system and are left to find their way at very young ages with no family to support them and no relationship with God.

Originally the Adairs looked at domestic adoptions. But when they saw Patty, Sally, and Lucy from Eastern Europe, their hearts ached for these children. After much soul searching and prayer, the Adairs realized they were called to bring these girls home to become part of their family.

Unlike Harry and Will, Bert and Ernie, and Roman and his twin – Patty, Sally, and Lucy will not be torn apart and adopted into various families (or not adopted and put out on the streets after aging out of the institution).

One big reason why siblings are broken from their brothers and sisters is the financial side of adoption.  It costs more for the adopting parents to adopt more than one child.  It costs more to adopt three children than it does to adopt one or two.  Before learning of Patty, Sally, and Lucy, the Adairs were planning on saving for the next few years before starting the adoption process.  They threw that plan out the window after learning of these sisters and have been saving and fundraising like mad.

The Adairs need $1,800 to be fully funded.

They have a tshirt and tote fundraiser which is ending Sunday, May 1st.  They need 4 more orders to make this fundraiser work.


Are you wondering if this shirt or tote is for you, I’ve broken it down a bit for you:

  • Chances are, if you have one child, you hear ooohs and ahhhhs when you go grocery shopping.  This shirt may not be for you, unless you will have more kids.
  • If you have two children, you get the age old “you have your hands full”.  Someone may throw out the “all yours” comment by accident because they never learned how to count. Sure, buy the shirt, it’s for a good cause and although you may have 2 kiddos, toddlers have a way of making it feel like you are actually taking care of 15 monkeys, not two kids.
  • If you have three kiddos you are treated to “are they all yours” by 1 in every 5 adults. Yes this shirt is for you.  If you shop at Aldi or Trader Joes the tote would make a great addition to your bag stash.
  • If you have 4 kids every single person gives you the “are they all yours” and the occasional person who thinks they are God’s gift to man will add the “you know how that happens, right?” You need this shirt.  You probably need it in at least 3 different sizes so you can keep wearing it throughout all the phases of motherhood.
  • If you have 5 kids your favorite book as a kid was possibly Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. You need this shirt and tote. You could carry wounded birds home in the tote and let your tender children nurse it back to healthy. Then toss the bird germ riddled tote in the wash.  You are living the life.
  • If you have 6 kids you are half way to a dozen, keep it up! People probably ask you in the grocery store how you can afford to feed them all and simultaneously assume that you must be rich and also dirt poor at the same time.  Some of them are serious, some of them are joking, all are annoying.  You need this shirt.
  • If you have 7 or more kids…well bless your heart…You probably already have shirt shirt in every color but hey, at least one must have a hole in it by now, replace it with a new one!

Here is how to get your shirt and tote today!

The shirts will be $20 each with a $4 shipping fee. For each additional shirt, please add $1 extra for shipping.

The shirts comes in youth size medium, large and xl and adult xs-xl. 2xl and 3xl are $2 more per shirt. 

The tote bags will be $7 each with a $3 shipping fee. For each additional shirt, please add $1 extra for shipping.

If you would like a shirt and a tote, you can get one of each for $26! For a combo, the shipping will be $5. If you’d like to order additional shirts or totes, please add $1 extra for each.

Please PayPal your payment to beccaadams416@gmail.com and select the Send Money to Friends or Family option. Please include your mailing address and the shirt size(s)you need. It is very important to remember to send your address and sizes with your payment.

If you order a total of 5 items, your shipping will be FREE!



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