Writing in the Silence, Speaking for the Voiceless

For fourteen days I have been putting off this blog post because I have been waiting.

I have been waiting, waiting to hear from anyone in the Reece’s Rainbow community who may have met Maiya, (an orphan in the same country as Angelina, Travis, and Mandy) waiting, waiting, waiting to hear from our facilitation team in country that they had successfully tracked her down and confirmed that she is doing okay. And by okay, I mean alive.

Why have I been waiting? Why have I been asking about Maiya when I am in the process of adopting two other children?  What difference does it make if I just check in on her?

Well, I looked back on blog posts from last year. It was this month last year when my husband and I committed to Angelina. It was a hard month because leading up to that decision, Angelina weighed heavily on my heart.  In June, 2015, I wrote a quick pre-adoption info post and mentioned Maiya in passing. At the time, I asked about her in the Reece’s Rainbow facebook group and heard nothing.  Almost a year has gone by and not once has she been mentioned since my last post.

In that adoption resource post from a year ago I wrote “It is all too easy for children to get lost in the jumble of faces and it is especially difficult for children who have no speech to speak up.  I don’t know how long she has been floating around on the Reece’s Rainbow website but this is why people advocate, so that names are not forgotten and children are not lost forever!  If you want to be involved with helping a child but cannot adopt, please consider being a prayer warrior or guardian angel for Maiya.” and nothing happened. I did nothing more for Maiya and neither did you.


Then just this month, Reece’s Rainbow changed their older-child grant policy, making $10,000 grants available to families adopting children 10 years or older. Guess who turned 10 this year and suddenly has a LARGE grant, covering almost half of the estimated adoption costs from that Eastern European country? You guessed it, quiet, forgotten Maiya.

I started asking about her again, asking if someone who has met her could give an update on how she is doing since her profile has not been changed since she was listed four years ago. That’s been four years of silence.  No one knew anything new about her, no one knew where she was or how she was doing. Silence.

So fourteen days ago I signed up to be her guardian angel. Having had a year of going through the adoption process for her country, I figure I can be a helpful resource for any family interested in the adoption process and wanting to know more.  I have a year of advocating, a year of fundraising, a year of praying, a year of tears, a year of joys and now I am taking all that and starting a conversation in the silence surrounding Maiya.

I was waiting to know more about her before writing my first guardian angel post for her. This is what I’ve been able to gather from the Reece’s Rainbow facebook group: She is 10 years old. She has been listed on Reece’s Rainbow for 4 years. In that time she has been mentioned 7 times, 3 times by me in the last year.  This is her entire profile:

Girl, born 2006
After-effects of early organic affection of the central nervous system in the form of intelligence deficiency, atactic syndrome (epilepsy).

Listed: August 3, 2012

She does not talk, only makes sounds; fulfills simple tasks.

Maiya has a sunny smile, doesn’t she?   She’s waited long enough — let’s help her find a family of her own!

But I realized this is all I may ever know, and it is all I need to advocate.  Really just that last sentence is all I need, all you need. While I have been waiting, waiting to start this conversation  she has been waiting as well. She has waited long enough – let’s help her find a family of her own!


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