Travel Dates. That Just Happened.

We received an unexpected phone call this morning. We have travel dates for the adoptions.

We leave in less than two weeks.

Gulp. Happy dance. Ugly cry. Hysterical giggles. All the feels. It’s all that and more right now here in the Heath household.

I knew it *could* happen this quickly, but did not expect it to be so fast.  The government received out translated paperwork on May 16th. We were told it could take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for it to be processed and for travel dates to be sent to us, and that those travel dates could be 4 weeks out from there.  Since everything else in the adoption process has hit unexpected delays, I was assuming we were looking at at least 6 weeks before we traveled, and that was the optimistic estimate.

We could be meeting Angelina or Travis as early as June 10th.

Now excuse me while I go walk on air and turbo clean/pack.

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