Mandy And The New Page

There is a quiet place on the Reece’s Rainbow website.  It rests at the bottom of a drop-down menu in one of the 6 main tabs.  It is just one information page among the total 53 options and, unlike the other pages, it is a quiet place.

I told you all about that place earlier this month.

I also told you about a little girl named Mandy who desperately needs a family.


And you listened, and you shared, and other people shared, and the story spread: it spread like wildfire.

Families started asking about Mandy, asking what needed to happen in order for her to be adopted.

And then, last week, Mandy’s name was moved to a new place on the Reece’s Rainbow website, not the quiet place, oh no siree, she was moved to a place of celebration and jubilation, a place people check daily to see if there is a new name. There are over ONE THOUSAND names on this page. Angelina and Travis are on this page.

In Reece’s Rainbow it’s referred to as MFFM

Which is short for MY FAMILY FOUND ME

And Mandy’s family has found her!

Add to the miracle that this family is already in process for her country; they could very well bring her home BEFORE she is transferred.  She will have a sister, adopted from the same country, with the same medical condition. She will actually have 3 other siblings adopted from the same country, all pretty close in age too.

Oh, and let’s not forget her 11 other siblings.  Let’s hear it for large families, what a blessing!   Oh happy day, callooh callay, I’ve been chortling for days!

Before I wrote this post, I contacted the family committed to Mandy to make sure it was okay to share this news.  I received a resounding YES!  They had actually already seen my original post about Mandy because someone, maybe you, had shared it on social media.  Their hearts are clearly already open to having kids, children with special needs, and adoption, but it was actually that blog post that tipped the scale for the social worker to approve their homestudy for two children instead of one.  Thank you to everyone who shared Mandy, you helped make a difference!

As soon as they have a family sponsorship page up I will also share that link in case you want to help them out.

I cannot share this without also thinking of the other families who were inquiring about Mandy.  Angelina was the 4th child we tried to commit to.  We were not eligible to adopt from Brayden’s country, and the next two little boys had families submit their commitment papers the very day I sent emails inquiring about them. I am overjoyed to be adopting Angelina and Travis, but the journey to them has not been easy on my heart, there have many bittersweet losses along the way.

I pray that the families who are not able to commit to Mandy still pursue adoption, still provide a loving family for another child waiting for a family of their own.  May Mandy be a catalyst child for many, may her story continue to reverberate around the world, spreading ripples of change into the hearts of couples who are ready to adopt but did not realize the need until they saw Many, their catalyst child.

Perhaps they will see Maiya


Or Will


Or Bert


And their hearts, already opened by Mandy’s story, will see their child looking back at them.  As they start the adoption process and bring home their son or daughter perhaps their stories will inspire others who will see Abner


Or Camden


Or Donnie


Because when you start seeing these children, they change your world. You think you are giving them a family, giving them a future, but at some point along the way you realize they are giving you a family, giving you a future too.

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