Packing Light.

We leave our house tomorrow to begin the physical journey to meet our children.

A week ago Thursday we got the call telling us our travel dates.  The very same day my youngest broke out in classic hand foot and mouth disease blisters, ugh. By the next day I was the only one in the family still standing.  As my husband and daughters lay on the living room couches sweating out high fevers and trying to endure the blister discomfort, I dashed around like a mad women terrified that I’d be hit next and there was just TO MUCH TO DO.  After a few days of misery the girls started to improve, a couple days later my husband was steadily recovering as well.  And I, well it seems like I won’t be hit, praise the Lord.

Needless to say the past nine days have been a whirlwind, but almost everything is ready now.  And whatever hasn’t happened just isn’t going to happen because this is go time.

I’d like to say “at dawn, we ride” or something fittingly epic, but truth is we’ll mosey away sometime in the afternoon after church, lunch, packing the car etc.  We’ll probably take a walk around the neighborhood as a family. I may cast a few final seeds out in the garden for good measure. And then we head out for the Big Trip.

We’ll stop at my parent’s house a little over a day to get the girls and our dog settled in nicely and then by Tuesday afternoon we should be in the air heading out to Eastern Europe.

Keeping in mind that we will be living on the move for the next 6ish weeks and also knowing we’ll need our hands free to maneuver a wheelchair and an umbrella stroller, we’ve packed light.  This light:


You wouldn’t believe it from the pictures but I even have a little spring pod tent packed away for after we have Travis and are waiting a few days for final paperwork before traveling home.   If I have a chance during the trip I’ll let you know how we managed to pack so much into just those bags (and let you know if it works out) but for now, I have a few more things to wrap up.


5 comments on “Packing Light.

  1. Hannah, you and Timm are mentioned each Sunday in the Prayers during worship at St. Athanasius Anglican Church. Godspeed to you both and to your children.

  2. Looking forward to hearing what was packed in those bags and how you made out with what you packed! It is looking like we’ll be traveling to Ukraine in a couple of months. I do not pack lightly (but believe I will be learning how to do so soon!). Following your journey and look forward to updates!

    • We should have a few down days this coming week and I’ll try to post about what we brought. So far it seems like we have just the right amount, not too much, not too little!

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