Quick update for everyone.

We are about to head to Travis’ orphanage for one last visit before leaving his region in order to meet Angelina.  This will be our sixth day visiting him and I’ve been amazed at how responsive he has become to play.  He remembers clapping games we’ve played with him, clearly loves being tickled, especially with Timm’s beard, and there have been quiet calm moments when he lifts his face up to mine and makes glancing eye contact.  So far he has been a mass of giggles and good cheer, we have yet to see him frustrated or sad.  His nannies adore him and he has received good care here. I am incredibly grateful for the director, assistant director, and doctor, who all seem to have kind hearts and good intentions.  Their personalities are mirrored in their staff and it shows.


This afternoon we will pack our bags, say goodbye to the palatial apartment that has been home for the past 6 days, and head south on the overnight train.  After a 12 hour train ride, we should arrive in Angelina’s region at 9am tomorrow morning.  A driver will pick us up at the train station and we will go directly to Angelina’s orphanage!  Gulp, squeeee, yipee! As far as I know, Angelina still has no clue that we exist; generally children are told the day the family arrives.  As soon as I have a minute and internet connection I will let you know how our first meeting with her goes.  I hope it goes well!!!


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