мій батько сильний

(my strong father)

Angelina uses many words for Timm; he is Papa, Tato, Bat’ko, Daddy, and Tim.

She is still figuring out what he is, who he is, what he means for her.  A few things I know for sure, she knows he belongs to her, he is strong, he is loving.  This is all simple child-trusting knowledge, but this is the foundation of her attachment and it is a good solid foundation.

We’ve had five visits with Angelina, there have been ups and downs, here are a few things we did this weekend:

She laughed with a belly screech laugh till she was out of breath as I furtively covered his back with her stickers.  She was happy to add her own sticker design to his manly black satchel.


She turned to him for protection when she was scared of the animals when we tried to go to a petting zoo.

And she looked to him to join in the fun with bumper cars where he let her steer most of the time.


Angelina has an incredible dad, and she knows it.


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