Fresh Lemonade

The weather has been hot the past week. After spending the afternoon with Angelina yesterday, Timm and I were looking forward to something cool and refreshing when we sat down for dinner.  We settled on a local pizza place.  Our very broken Ukrainian is not the best, but we’d had success ordering pizza there before so it was worth trying again.  Timm saw the fresh juice section and we could read the word lemon.  When our waitress arrived I promptly ordered two fresh lemonades.

She took our order, went to the bar, came back to make sure we wanted lemon, and then returned to the bar.  She checked back with us two more times, each time asking “lemon?” and every time I’d nod my head.  Timm also ordered a beer, when she brought that to our table she communicated that they were out of lemons, they only had enough for one glass.  That’s fine, it sounded very fresh and man was I thirsty (tap water here is not potable, you get really thirsty if you forget to bring along a water bottle).

Soon a large glass of fresh lemonade showed up.  It looked very pulpy, very thick, as if they had just juiced a ton of lemons into a glass.

Which is precisely what had happened.

No wonder our waitress was confused.  In hindsight, I think the idea is you make your own combination of fresh juice from the list – think fresh apple juice with a dash of lemon or fresh carrot juice with a dash of lemon.

I tried taking a few large sips, smiled at the waitress while using sheer willpower to hold back the full body convulsions till she walked away.  Forget cool and refreshing, this was invigorating and BLAAAAAGGGHHHH who am I kidding, a full glass of juiced lemons?!?!!

Every sip sent jarring electric shocks through my jaw, over my scalp then straight down my spine.  The aftertaste was pleasant enough, but you had to get through drinking a sip to get the benefit of the aftertaste.  Yes, I thought about chugging it to get it over with but guess what, when you tell your body to chug a glass of room temperature thick fresh lemon juice, your body sasses back and says no.

But we had used up all their lemons, there was no way I was going to NOT drink that lemon juice.  Timm tried a few sips too…yeah, that was kinda fun to watch.  I think the entire wait staff was having a blast watching two Americans drink straight lemon juice.

When our pizza arrived Timm whipped out his Ukrainian phrase book and figured out how to order sugar.  Eight tiny packets of sugar and one small bottle of water later and we had ourselves one glass of very tart, but drinkable, lemonade.

I have to confess, Timm downed the last two sips for me.

For the rest of our trip, when we eat out, I’m going to stick with water.  If the waiter asks if I want lemon, my answer will always be no.

One comment on “Fresh Lemonade

  1. Love reading your updates, though you don’t know me. I am hoping we will be able to adopt from Ukraine soon. There are a number of children on Reeces Rainbow that I have been praying for for quite some time. I keep wondering if you have been with any of them….. thanks for the updates and my daughter and I have been praying for your trip and saftey!

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