Angelina’s Room Reveal

When we got the call telling us our travel dates, Angelina’s room was not ready – not by a long shot. Remember, that was the same day Kitty broke out in hand foot and mouth blisters and the rest of the family soon followed.

After I made the list of everything that HAD to be done before leaving our house on June 5th, I didn’t think I’d be able to get her room together in time, there was too much to do. But then my in-laws took a 2 hour drive up, helped move furniture, assemble furniture, and cleared out the random stuff that had slowly accumulated in her room.  Friends brought us meals and disposable dishes.  The girls and dad all spent a few days flopped on the couches thanks to fevers and blisters, which was sad, but did give me a lot more time in the day than I usually have.  When the girls got over their HFM they went and spent a few days with Nannie and PaPa which helped immensely. Oh, I barely slept that week too; it’s amazing how many pieces of furniture you can paint when you add 8 hours to the day.  With all that combined, by the end of that crazy week, her room was ready.

It had gone from this:


To this:







This room was originally the study, it is not designed as a standard bedroom with a built in closet or swinging door.  This let me have a totally blank slate to make this room as wheelchair friendly as possible.  The pocket door is wonderful, so easy to slide open and shut.

I love how the majority of the items in her room have a story and come from so many loving people.

The bedframe is from an incredible family who have supported us at every step of the adoption.  The husband is even covering much of Timm’s pastor duties while we are away.  The mattresses are from another family who wanted to help.  All the bedding is from Target, gathered over time when items were on clearance.  To balance the more mature comforter I added pony sheets.  Her first teddy bear is sporting a flower wreath which is still worn by women and girls for celebrations here.  The Fairy Tale Treasury is so beautiful, it is cloth bound with gold lettering and the illustrations inside are mesmerizing.  Stories are important; learning to read stories, tell stories, write stories all help you learn how to recognize your own narrative which helps you see your life in part of a bigger picture.  Angelina has loss in her story, she has trauma, she has mystery.  I pray she is comes to love stories and that she can tell us her story one day.  I know the opening chapter is tragic, I hope the end resolves with peace, forgiveness, and the hope of eternal life.


The chair is from my college days, yes I had that in my dorm room.  The writing desk was my mothers and she passed it down to me.  Recognize anything waiting inside?


It’s Angelina’s first hat!

My husband wanted her room to have a bird theme, he specifically wanted free birds, no cages – isn’t he sweet.  I used the lamps to go with that idea.  The bird wall sconce was one of my ebay finds, the lampshade is from Target.  The table lamp on the bookshelf is another Target lamp I’ve had for years.  Her nightlight is that soft frosted glass bird lamp on the writing desk. I adore all the fun lights in her room but final table lamp is my favorite, it’s the ceramic bird lamp that used to look like this:


And now looks like this:


I used chalk paint on the ceramic lamp, the end table it’s resting on, and the birdhouse bookshelf.  That clean white paint transformed all three pieces from dated and dinged up to fresh and bright. Isn’t it great how a lick of paint can do that?

Speaking of the bookshelf, that was the first piece of furniture I ever bought.  I remember seeing it in a catalog when I was in sixth grade and saving up the money to buy it.  At the moment it is mostly empty, a great blank slate for Angelina to fill with her treasures, but it does have a few items I’ve saved up over the past year in anticipation. The angel is from a friend who has been a Godsend. She dropped by one day with apple pie bread (it’s as yummy as it sounds) and this angel because she wanted me to have a reminder that everyday people are praying for Angelina.  The books are by Nancy Tillman, her children’s books are perfect for all children, but I think they are especially helpful for children who were adopted, partly because they deal with topics that might be hard for children who are adopted (like not knowing your birth story, maybe not even knowing your exact birth date) without saying specifically that these are only for adopted children. Does that make sense?  Our bookshelf in the living room has quite a few more of her books, but these two, On The Night You Were Born and Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You  are for Angelina.  The last item, a tiny nesting doll, is from her motherland.  I got it through an adoption fundraiser for another family who was in the process of adopting; I want it to be a reminder that little things add up to make a big difference.


The wardrobe, oooooh the wardrobe! It was the final piece.  On Sunday, after working nonstop for four days cleaning, packing, and caring for sick family, Timm suggested I take a break and leave the house, he even said the magic words “take your time”.  I took his advice and headed out of the house planning on going straight to Home Depot and buying one of those cheap white storage wardrobes.  I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but nothing else had popped up so this was the backup plan.  Heading out of town I passed this newish little antique store.  It has the most random hours, I don’t think it’s usually open on Sunday afternoons, but today was special.  Remembering Timm’s advice to take my time, I parked and wandered in thinking I might find a bookshelf.  We could always use another bookshelf.  I was NOT expecting to find an Anne of Green Gables worthy antique wardrobe in great condition that was also on sale AND the owners agreed to deliver it for free once the store closed that day. Happy dance!  Waiting inside is a matching dress that all our daughters have as well as a hand embroidered traditional outfit from her country.


There you have it!


7 comments on “Angelina’s Room Reveal

  1. What a lovely room, and congratulations on meeting your sweet girl and boy!! We have the same little bear for our daughter (coming home in July from China) – it was the first purchase that we made specifically for HER!!

    We are a 5/5/5 family for this month as well, and we are keeping you all in our prayers as we navigate this journey together!

  2. […] Her middle name, Lark, came to me while I was doodling my way through a mandatory adoption parenting class.  Lark lark lark LARK lark- I scrawled it all over the page. I shared the idea with Timm and he immediately liked the ring.  She is happy as a lark, free as a bird. This was why Timm suggested the bird theme for her room. […]

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