3,318 Days

Although they love spending time with grandparents, our daughters back home are ready to have Mommy and Daddy back.  During skype calls we reassure Della that every day brings us one day closer to home.  “Will you be home next week?” She asks plaintively.  “No, not next week.  Probably not the week after that either.” And her face falls.

We have been here 22 days, the wait is getting old, but we are only half way through this adventure.

It’s hard for our kids back home to have to wait for their parents.

It’s hard on our kids here that they have waited their entire lives to have parents.

Angelina was given up at birth.  She has waited a long time – 3,318 days to be exact.

Today is her last day of waiting.  Tomorrow is court. If all goes well, when we walk out of the court house, Angelina will officially have a new mom and dad, a new name, a new future.  We will be legally able to share more about her then and I can’t wait to officially introduce you to our daughter!

One more day. We all need to do is wait one more day.



One comment on “3,318 Days

  1. I have been praying for Angelina for well over a year; now I am adding your entire family to my prayers. Godspeed!

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