The 10 Day Wait

Legally we became Angelina’s parents yesterday, but there is a 10 day wait in which the court order could be repealed if any issues come up.  I’ve never heard of an adoption ruling being repealed here, but it is standard procedure and heaven forbid you stand in the way of bureaucracy.

Angelina will watch the hours tick by on her daddy’s watch

So for the next 10 days we wait. She stays in the orphanage and waits, we stay in the country and wait.  Often adopting parents fly home for the 10 day wait.  By this time we’ve been here a while, we miss home, adventure is fun but I’m ready to step out of limbo.  We would consider this option if not for the fact that we have another child waiting for us, another court date is coming up on Monday. If all goes well we will be able to introduce you to our son on Monday.

IMG_0578 (1)
Travis was just learning how to hold on to his daddy’s hand when we left.

This morning we will pack up our stuff and say goodbye to the purple orchid themed apartment we’ve called home for 2 weeks, we’ll visit Angelina one more time, and then head to the train station.  After another overnight train ride, we’ll wake up in Travis’ region Sunday morning, hopefully have a chance to visit him, and then set up house in yet another apartment, all in preparation for court on Monday for Travis.  If all goes well his 10 day wait will start on Tuesday.  By Tuesday we will already be 4 days in for Angelina’s 10 day wait, making a flight home and back pointless, so we will stay in Travis’ region visiting him and soaking up the culture of this country as much as possible before heading back down to Angelina’s region for gotcha day!


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