Angels Among Us

There are days in my life I will cherish forever, but I was not expecting yesterday to be one of those days.  It was a breezy sunny morning. I had eaten a ham and cheese waffle sandwich for breakfast.  It was normal shnormal kind of morning complete with workday traffic delays. I was not expecting to meet angels that day.

We were a little late getting to Roman’s orphanage.  As we opened the front door, three people were already walking out.  They looked at me and Timm intently then asked our translator something.  Our translator turned to us and asked “Did you know people were waiting for you? These people are saying they have known Roman since he was abandoned in the hospital; they are volunteers. They want to know if you are his adoptive parents.” We told them yes, we are Roman’s new parents.  Immediately they broke out in smiles, began talking all at once while shaking our hands and the babushka teared up and kept giving me hugs.  Our awesome translator was talking a mile a minute saying  “These people love Roman. They have known him all his life. Here, this man is his Godfather. Oh, this lady here was his nannie.  They want to know where in America do you live.  Look, she has an American flag fedora on just for the occasion! Oh they are happy to meet you!”  (This has all happened in less than a minute.)

And then the babushka pulled out a little box decorated with puppies and chocolate brown stripes.  She quickly undid the ribbon and opened the lid. Inside were Roman’s baptismal gown and shirt complete with a tiny blue cross (hand embroidered by his nannie), a tiny crucifix held in a heavy small silver box, a letter with all the information of the people present at his baptism, his baptismal certificate, and an icon of mother and child.

At this point I pretty much lost it.  I wasn’t cry all that much (if you compare me niagra falls) but my heart, oh my heart, it could not hold all the joy – God has cared for Roman and surrounded him with a cloud of angels.  I thought he had lived these two years all alone.  He was never alone.

So I’m crying on the front porch of the orphanage at which point Roman is brought out to us all dolled up.  Immediately his baba snuggles him up and is kissing him and crying telling him he has a mama and papa and how happy she is form him. Eventually she can’t tell him anymore because the tears are choking back the words so she snuggles her face into this shoulder as she cries tears of joy mingled with tears of loss.


As we gathered together for a photo another woman came around the side of the building.  I instantly recognized her as a women who works with June 31, a charity that helps children receive neurological treatments.  It was her post on facebook last year that led us to find Roman.  I had warned her before that if we ever met in person, I’d probably start crying.  That proved to be true.

Everyone continued to chat and try to set up a picture when another surprise comes around the corner.  A smiling lady holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers walks up to me, hands me the flowers, gives me a hug and explains through her tears that she is Roman’s Godmother. Wow.  Did I mention yet that I was crying?  She tells me how she has been praying for a family for Roman for years, how grateful she is to meet us, how happy she is for Roman and how much he will be missed.

We snapped a few pictures all together at the front of the orphanage and then went back to the play yard where there was cake and coke (for an American toast) waiting for us.  Our translator is communicating for ten people by this point and doing an awesome job but it took awhile for all the pieces to fall together for how everyone came to be part of Romans’ life.  That is a story for another day, today I just wanted to tell you about the angels.  Now that we have heard his story I truly believe that without the care of all these people, Roman would not be alive today.  What started out as a normal shnormal day became a day I will cherish for the rest of my life.  On that day, I met angels.

Roman’s angels



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