Maiya and the new page

While we were in country adopting Angelina and Roman, I continued to send my nudge emails asking about Maiya, the little girl I had signed up to advocate for.  When three children all passed away , one right after the other, I had a growing dread that Maiya had fallen through the cracks, been transferred to a bad place, and faded away without a word.

One morning when she was weighing heavily on my heart I sent another email with the subject line reading “still looking for Maiya” and this time I heard back from the team!  In the email I asked for an update, any kind of update, and I expected to receive one of these scenarios 1) she’s in an orphanage and doing ok, 2) she is in a terrible orphanage and needs out asap, and 3) she had passed away while waiting.

Well, there was a 4th scenario that I was not expecting – Maiya has been adopted!

She was adopted outside of the Reece’s Rainbow community, so this is all I know about her, but isn’t it such wonderful news!  I know I often share heartbreaking news about children who are still waiting for families, it is such a joy to share this update with you!


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