Jasmine Has A Family

Jasmine, the little girl who called me mama, has a family coming for her!

Out of respect for her family, I won’t say who they are yet because I’m not 100% sure all the extended family has been told.  (no, it’s not us)

But I’ve been keeping this secret for SO LONG that once Jasmine was officially placed on My Family Found Me today I just had to EXPLODE with the news.  I’ve been chatting with the mom for 2 months about adoption.  They sound like such a awesome family!  They have experience with kids from that country and are experienced with Jasmine’s specific medical condition.  Act of God?  Oh yeah.

I wish we were neighbors.


*Can you tell I’m excited? I used all caps, bold, and italics – which are all things I try to use sparingly – but today I couldn’t hold back.  I even have a different blog post scheduled for later today, haven’t figured out how to reset the scheduled time for a later date, so we’ll just have two posts today.  I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to post news when it’s this wonderful! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE



8 comments on “Jasmine Has A Family

  1. Oh, my goodness!!!! SO incredibly thankful that this precious girl has a family coming for her!! Prayers for this journey and for all of them!

  2. Yea!!!!! We have been praying for Jasmine for months and months! We would check her profile multiple times a week, and we read and re-read every post you did on her. One of my children would have loved to have had Jasmine as a sister – but we are SO happy that a family is coming for her sooner than we ever could. We are RR supporters and pray to be able to adopt in the – hopefully sooner rather than later – future. So thrilled to hear this news!

  3. Does the family adopting her have a blog? I fell in love with Jasmine and so wished I was in a position to adopt her. I would love to follow her story 🙂

  4. Hi, you are welcome to connect with me through facebook and I’ll add you to our private group. I would rather not give my info out on here as I know there are people who watch blogs and like to troll groups like that. 😦 Hannah can give you my name privately. 🙂

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