Emmaline Has A Family

What a week!  What an incredible, wonderful, uplifting week!!!

It started with Jasmine having a family commit to her, and now we are wrapping up the week with Emmaline having a family commit to her as well.  Just like Jasmine’s family, Emmaline’s family has experience with her specific medical condition, they are experienced parents, and know the challenges kids from this country carry with them.  Act of God? Yup.

Whoop. Whoop whooop whoooooop.

I admitted that I want Jasmine’s family to be my neighbors.  It turns out I’m practically neighbors with Emmaline’s family!! Well, we at least live in the same state…

IMG_0664 (1)


5 comments on “Emmaline Has A Family

  1. I saw Emmaline on MFFM yesterday and shouted with joy! Thank you, Lord!!! Our family is so thrilled for Jasmine and Emmaline. When I told my husband and children that the girls have committed families, everyone knew just who I meant – these are girls we have watched and prayed for. We’re going to keep praying until they’re all the way home!

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