Aldi Quarter Fundraiser


This blog advocates for orphans with special needs waiting for their family, it tells you about our own adoption journey, documents the post-adoption life we are living, and strives to support other families currently in the adoption process.

I’d like to introduce you to the O’brien family.  This awesome family first adopted internationally a few years ago, a darling daughter from Kazakhstan.  At the time they didn’t know if they’d ever adopt again, they were too busy adjusting to new normal to think about that.  Then the day came that they looked around at their life and realized they were ready and able to adopt again. After a rocky adoption they came home 13 months ago with their son from India.  And this time, after two long convoluted adoption processes, they were ready to be done.

Within weeks of being home with their son, Paula saw a darling little boy shared in an advocacy group.  Instead of pursuing the tug at her heart, she left the group; she could not think about all the upheaval of adoption again.  A couple weeks, or was it months?, flew by and the same little boy was posted by a different friend, different group, and this time Paula chose a different reaction.  Instead of scrolling past, unfollowing the thread, or closing her computer screen and walking away, this time she clicked on the link and saw her son.

Her husband suggested looking into the program, the worst that could happen was that they wouldn’t qualify and they could say at least they tried.  Paula contacted an adoption agency, expecting to hit a roadblock right away as has happened with so many other adoption attempts, but there was no block, they qualified for the adoption, their paperwork went without a hitch, and here they are today readying their home for a new son!

Third child, third adoption, third country, wow!

Unlike the last two adoptions, this adoption process has flown by, which is a mixed blessing.  It’s a blessing because their son does not have to wait years for his family, but a challenge because there was so little time to raise all the necessary funds.  They hope to be traveling to complete their adoption this November, they need their FSP grant to read $20,5000 to be fully funded.  As of today they have $6,501.22, so $13,998.78 to go!  One of the ways the O’Briens are saving money is by going The Aldi Way, which gave Paula the idea to do a fundraiser by making these awesome quarter holders.


I love them!

If you’d like a quarter holder for your own Aldi runs AND want to support this family’s adoption, here is what you need to do:

  1. Donate a minimum of $15 to their grant at this link.  Be sure to scroll down the bottom of the page to donate to this specific family.
  2. Email your donation receipt and mailing address to
  3. Wait for your quarter holder!  You will be sent a random color from one of the 8 designs in the picture.

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