Busy Hands

November 1st will be the launch for this year’s Miracle Of Adoption Christmas Campaign (Angel Tree with a new name).  This is an annual event through Reece’s Rainbow to raise awareness for specific orphans while increasing their adoption grants. I participated last year advocating for Adelaide (who JUST had a family commit to her!!! SQUEEEEE).  This year it was totally not on my radar because, well, life is kinda crazy round here and my hands are full. Really really full.  Sure, full of blessing, yes, but blessing that often looks like tears, diapers, smeared oatmeal, and dirty dishes.

Then I started talking to a friend about all the ways you can support a child when you cannot adopt but still want to help.  I talked about Guardian Angels (Angelina’s guardian angel advocated for her and definitely helped change her life), Prayer Warriors, and Miracle Makers (new name of the Angel Tree Warriors).  While explaining about the Christmas Campaign I discovered that this year there would be 100 children, the first 100 children who had Miracle Makers, and the sign up started that day!  Without a second thought I jumped in, requested a special child (to be revealed on November 1st) and then did NOT totally freak out that I had committed to more.  When you are a Miracle Maker it means you have committed to trying to raise $1,000 for your child’s grant.  I had only a mild freak out.

I’ve sat around wondering what to do since then.  What advice would I give someone else? What have I done in the past?

Start small.

Do what you can do.

After-all, that is how Angelina’s adoption started.

Okay. Small and something I can do.  Bonus points if it is super portable so I can carry it around the house and bring it along to the various doctor appointments.  There must be something…

One night I had an idea. I pulled out a basket of craft supplies, rummaged about, chortled and wiggled my toes for the joy of feeling felt, threads, and buttons.  I did not dive into a project just then; I knew if I started at 9pm at night the next day would be miserable.

Instead today after the kids’ quiet time, I settled down in the living room, told everyone to play nicely with each other, and then drifted into this new idea.  I thought I’d cut a few squares out, maybe pair up some colors, add faces, of course they need hair colors, and they wouldn’t be complete without cheery eyes and puckering smiles.  Before I knew it, it was time to start dinner, the kids had played angelically for nearly two hours, and I had gotten so much done!

A growing stack of felt squares. This Babushka kept my company, I started creating her this summer while we were in country adopting Roman and Angelina.



My original goal was to do one doll a day but within 24 hours I now have 14 in process.  The best part is seeing little personalities appear.


Not that I could really have favorites, but these three gals in particular make me so happy.

There is the jolly baba with the a cheeky smile.


The tall proper baba with unexpected pink hair.


And punk baba.  I had to run off and take care of things and left her hair like this, when I came back I realized she looked great and decided she rocked this do, especially considering her high cheekbones.  Not everyone can pull off this look but this babushka has nailed it!


I have no idea where exactly this is all going except that my busy hands are busy creating darling things to support a darling child who will hopefully capture the heart of a family soon.  I’ll let you know on November 1st what the game plan is.  I may give you an update in a week or two to share the progress on these gals because I can’t contain how pleased I am with them!



8 comments on “Busy Hands

  1. Oh how darling! I love the pink hair. I could see a bunting. A strip of rick-rack with
    6-10 of these hanging from it. I would definitely buy some and make my own. Please keep us updated. You are so creative! Have a Happy Week-End.

  2. Ohhh my!!!! Sarah just moved into a new room, and I have a pinterest board for it, and no joke I have all sorts of babushka stuff on there!! She might need some of these in her big girl room!!!

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