Homeschool Corner – October

When we officially entered the land of homeschool, I was all ready for a year of play, reading out loud, baking, and bubble baths soooooo pretty much everything we already do. Is that unschooling? Relaxed homeschooling? Child led learning? Agh, I’m a homeschooling mama who doesn’t even know the terms!

Whatever it is, it worked great for the summer and well into September, but as I pulled out a few little activities for my girls it was clear that Angelina and Della were eager to learn in a slightly more structured setting. Ooookkkaaaayyy.  I ordered two fun-school math workbooks.  Angelina was overjoyed with her workbook and completed 90% of it in one sitting. Della wanted to name all the kittens in her book and was not remotely interested in the number recognition part.  There went my math for the year.

My husband ordered the Timberdoodle curriculum catalog; we both read it and reread it like children flipping through Christmas catalogs.  I started to accept blasted words like “curriculum” and “schedule”.  We highlighted options, wrote things like “get this from the library” and “to consider in a few years” or “we NEED THIS NOW”. I’ll tell you more about that order when I get around to it.

Today I want to show you the homeschool nook.  I was dreaming of a lovely hutch complete with deep open shelving on the bottom and a glass door shelf on top, swoon. But that would mean spending money…so instead I rearranged bookshelves we already had and came up with a homeschooling nook.


I plan on rotating out bits each month and keeping it quite sparse which encourages the kiddos to explore.

I gathered up some books off our normal bookshelf all themed with fall,season, rain and plopped them in a basket.  The girls love this basket of books.  I didn’t buy any books for October but I am on the lookout for some Thanksgiving themed books for next month!



10 comments on “Homeschool Corner – October

  1. Love this! The Ox-cart Man is one of my all-time favorite books – ever! As you peruse homeschooling catalogs, you may want to request one from Sonlight and My Father’s World. We use Sonlight’s for read aloud book ideas – always excellent!!! (Each year my Sonlight catalog gets kleenex-thin from over-use and my swooning over all the great books we get to experience in the years to come!) And we are actually using the My Father’s World 1st grade and Kindergarten curriculums this year and they are working great. Another good resource that I requested at our library is “The Homegrown Preschooler” – lots of good ideas on all fronts (gross motor/fine motor/social/literacy/math/science, etc. skills) that apply not only to my preschooler – but to all four of my boys! You are doing a great job!

  2. Some lovely November books: In November…Cynthia Rylant; Winter Lullaby…Barbara Seuling; Time to Sleep…Denise Fleming
    We love All About Reading and All About Spelling and are quite happy with Bob Jones Math and English, too.
    Love the peek at your homeschool nook! Hope the journey is full of joy and blessings.

  3. […] home and found ourselves homeschooling, my husband requested the Timberdoodle catalog which I mentioned here.  I promised to share some of the items we ordered and here I am, nearly a year and a half later, […]

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