Coat Closet Organization Part 1.

I have 3 girls ranging from 2 to 9 who all want to be independent.  Roman isn’t at the point of caring about doing things on his own, though I do think he intentionally lifts his feet up to help when I’m putting his socks and shoes on.
I WANT my kids to be independent, boy howdy do I ever!  I want them to be able to do their own laundry, make their own meals, and deep clean the house.  Since that’s a little too much to expect from a 2 year old, I’m settling on them all being capable of keeping the coat closet organized during the long winter that is just around the corner.

At the moment the closet only holds light spring,summer jackets and one or two residual coats from last winter.  The sandals and light jackets are being swapped out for clunky snow boots, snow pants, coats, hats, mittens, scarves which hold rowdy parties all night long and are a total mess to keep organized every day with every outing. 

Facing the oncoming winter, knowing the onslaught of gear that is about the hit this closet, I can’t help but shudder.  The chaos this closet could hold would not be pretty, or useful, or encourage independence. And I’m all about fostering independence.

So I’m overhauling this closet, at least as much as I can while not actually changing any structural part since we don’t own this house.  Here is what this closet needs to do:

  • hold all the winter shoes without mixing up kids shoes
  • hold all the winter hats, mittens, and scarves so that we do not have only one glove and your sister’s scarf
  • hold a jacket,vest, snow coat, and snow pants for each child
  • have all (or most) of these supplies be child accessible so they can don, doff, and store gear on their own.  yes, a 2 year old can totally do that.
  • be wheelchair accessible
  • Cost no more than $30

It would also be nice if this closet can store these items as well:

  • The Return Box (where I store stuff I find around the hose that needs to go back to someone else)
  • winter gear for hubby and self
  • double stroller
  • vacuum
  • diaper bags
  • hold ALL the kid’s shoes, not just the winter boots.  When we only one child, I got her way too many shoes at garage sales and thrift shops because kid shoes are so cute, but in reality my kids need 3 0r 4 pairs of shoes per season per size. (rain boots, church shoes, outdoor play shoes, snow boots)  Keeping them all in one central location where kids take shoes off as soon as they come in the house could really help.

I can’t wait to finish this project and show you the end results! As my patient husbands knows all too well, I’m not naturally very organized, so intentionally creating an organized space is a big deal for me, so big that I even made a pin board just for this one closet.  Look at me being all organized and pinning stuff.



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