More Than 10, Less Than 1,000

Here’s an update on my Miracle Makers project.




These little dears will be available starting November 1st for a donation into my Miracle of Adoption child!

At first I thought I could maybe have 10 ready by November 1st. Then I thought 100!!! Then my more reasonable self said 30.  None of my thoughts can agree though so I’ve calmed them down by putting a goal of more than 10 and less than 1,000 to be ready for shipping by November 1st and of course I will keep working away and making more until the end of the Miracle of Adoption Campaign which ends January 1st.


So far I have 5 completed.  They will be priced depending on the time it took to make them and shipping will be included.  That is more of a plan than I had a few days ago, by November 1st I’m sure I’ll have the whole plan all sorted out.

It’s quiet time in this household, time for my hands to be busy for a child whom I cannot call my own. I pray his parents find him soon.


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