Princess Bubble Love Glimmer Star Rose

Tomorrow I’ll be introducing you to my Miracle of Adoption Christmas Child!

Today I’d like to introduce you to Princess Bubble Love Glimmer Star Rose Flower Heartsong.  Most the dolls have lovely little names like Hazel and Olga, but my four-year old asked to name this lady.  She will be joining the other nesting doll ornaments in the fundraiser for my Miracle Child.


She was supposed to be one of the $10 tier dolls with embroidery around her face, body, and the blanket stitch connecting the back to the front. Then things kinda got out of hand…  I thought a little hair-bow would be a nice touch and I changed up the edge with a bit of crossstiching which then called for more definition around the body, and that was too much pink, so I added more green, and then the hearts just happened.

At this moment I have made a total of 16 ornaments. Two have already gone home to a lady who came for tea and another 13 are spoken for already so eeeeeeep I need to whip up a ton more!  It would be amazing to meet the $1,000 grant goal by the end of November in order to spend Advent focusing on supporting my pastor husband and doing all the family things of the season.

On November 1st the fundraising will start and I’ll explain how you can get one or more of my embroidered ornaments then!



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