Miracle Of Adoption Christmas Campaign (baba bunch #1)


Update! All these babushkas have been claimed!  I am working hard to make another 20 ornaments within a week though I’m not sure it’s humanly possible if I still want to do things like feed, dress, bath, change the kids.  Priorities are hard, right?

Folks, it is November 1st which means today is the day of the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign!  Time to start building Donnie’s adoption grant.

I have 19 handmade embroidered babushkas all ready with 20 more in the works and a goal of making a total of 100 by the end of December. oh the insanity

I know quite of few folks want these dolls and I’ve put a lot of thought into how to make this as accessible and fair to everyone, so here is how this is gonna go down:

  1. There are two tiers for pricing. $10 dolls will have embroidery on the front but not on the back. $15 dolls will have embroidery on both sides.  Shipping is included in price. I am only shipping within the USA at the moment.  (If you really want one but need international shipping, contact me via email at hats4home@gmail.com and we will work something out.) Of course you an always donate more 😀
  2. Scroll down to see all available dolls. I will list each doll by name and price showing a front and back view.  My dinky camera did its best, but can hardly capture the vibrant colors.
  3. When you see a doll (or dolls) that you want, zoom down to the comment section and write “sold name of doll” If you see the name of your desired doll is already claimed, pick another, wait for the next batch, or send me an email at hats4home@gmail.com to preorder a doll or two. Every single doll is 100% unique, I don’t use a pattern for any of this so if you do preorder some dolls, please know the ones you get will be their own person.
  4. Go to Donnie’s grant page and make a donation for your ornaments. If you are getting more than one doll, you can give one lump donation for the total. *If you donate $50 or more, you can also receive a free ornament of Donnie from Reece’s Rainbow!
  5. Email a receipt of your donation to me at hats4home@gmail.com along with the address you want the dolls to be shipped to. If you want them to be ornaments, please let me know and I will sew on a string so she can be put on a tree.

Here is a quick view of all the available $10 ornaments, they are on average around 2ish inches wide and 3ish or 4ish inches tall:



  1. Flo, $10 (she is the first one I made)


2.  Clementine $10


3. Lulu $10


4. Penny $10


5. Fiona $10


6. Hazel $10


7. Joyce $10


8. Mary $10


9. Ionna $10


10. Holland $10


And here is a quick view of all the available $15 options, they are also about 2ish inches wide and 3ish or 4ish inches tall:



  1. Princess Bubble Love $15


2. Punk Baba $15


3. Geneva $15


4. Angela $15


5. Lucy $15


6.  Teresa $15


7. Jane $15


8. Connie $15


9.  Marilyn $15

And that’s it! If you missed out on this round, I hope you check in again when I  do another post with the next 20 dolls.  If humanly possible I’m going to try to make 20 per week which would get them all out to people in time for Christmas. again, oh the insanity! 


38 comments on “Miracle Of Adoption Christmas Campaign (baba bunch #1)

  1. Who is left? If any are left, I will take your pick of whomever :).

    It’s hard for me to sift through the comments and figure out which has sold as of yet.

    I will be donating $25 to Donnie’s fund, but only need 1 baba of your choice so that others may have a chance to get one.

    I posted about Donnie on my blog ‘Axis Bold as Love’. I can PM you if necessary, since my name isn’t directly associated with my blog due to security reasons, to let you know what my PayPal email is.

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