Homeschool Corner – November ’16


So much is happening (fodder for future blogs) that I didn’t even realize it’s been so long since my last post. I was hoping to give my monthly homeschool update on Nov 2nd or 3rd, but the super supportive response to the babushka fundraiser currently finds me flooded with orders, which is AWESOME, but has also taken up every spare second.  *I will post 10 ornaments for sale this Sunday. They will be $15 each. They will go to the first people to claim them just like the first bunch.*

Today and tomorrow will be spent prepping for our open house on Saturday which we are hosting as a thank you to our church for all the ways they support and care for us.  Sunday will be the post for the next bunch of babushkas and next week I have at least one super exciting post then after that is Thanksgiving and then it will be Christmas, 2017, birthdays, Easter agh! So this post was a now or never kind of post.  It’s a quick shelfie. Enjoy.


aaaannnnnnndddd a sneak peak of the ornaments in process:

Buttons, baubles, and lace – oh my!

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