Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign (baba bunch #2)


All these babas have been claimed! Check back in a few days for the next batch!!!

As promised, today is the second batch of hand-embroidered babushka doll ornaments I’m making for my Miracle of Adoption child, Donnie. I’ve completed 9 out of 10 but figured I’d throw in the 10th in her current state and mail her out with the rest this week since I will certainly have her done by then!

After hearing back from quite a few people that these dollies deserve a higher value, I made the decision to ask for $15 donation for all the dolls.  Thank you everyone who encouraged me to value the work of my hands.  This price includes shipping within the USA.  So far we have raised $301.50 towards Donnie’s grant; the goal is to raise a total of $1,000 by December 31st.


Just like last time, the process is as follows:

  1. Scroll down to see all available dolls. I will list each doll by name and price showing a front and back view.  My dinky camera did its best, but can hardly capture the vibrant colors.
  2. When you see a doll (or dolls) that you want, zoom down to the comment section and write “sold name of doll” If you see the name of your desired doll is already claimed, pick another, wait for the next batch, or send me an email at hats4home@gmail.com to preorder a doll or two. Every single doll is 100% unique, I don’t use a pattern for any of this so if you do preorder some dolls, please know the ones you get will be their own person.
  3. Go to Donnie’s grant page and make a donation for your ornaments. If you are getting more than one doll, you can give one lump donation for the total. *If you donate $50 or more, you can also receive a free ornament of Donnie from Reece’s Rainbow!
  4. Email a receipt of your donation to me at hats4home@gmail.com along with the address you want the dolls to be shipped to. If you want them to be ornaments, please let me know and I will sew on a string so she can be put on a tree.

READY SET GO (the first batch of babas were gone within 24 hours, if you see one you want, claim it now because they may not be available for long!)

1 – Stella


2 – Peaches



3 – Esme


4 – Marie


5 – Jewel


6 – Judy


7 – Lacy


8 – Daisy


9 – Lizzy (she has little hands holding a bouquet!  i just love her!)


10 – Mystery Misty (to be completed this week)


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