Grateful Day

It’s been a fantastic November. The weather has been incredible.  Home life with family has settled into a beautiful flow. And you, readers, have helped changed the life of another child. Thank you.

I’ve been talking a lot about Donnie, and definitely you have helped him by sharing his story and contributing to his adoption grant, but I’m actually talking about a different child today.



Her story has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Leaving her was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The day a family committed to her was such a wonderful day. The day that family had to step back and release their commitment was wretched.  I wrote out asking for advocates to share her story far and wide, and you did. Her story became the most read post on this blog, with over 9,000 views.  I started receiving emails, one after another, of people asking for more information about the adoption process. This time I kept my heart hopeful but carefully protected.  I spent countless hours answering questions and pointing people towards further resources, always hoping and praying that one of these families would be Emmaline’s family.

Those prayers were answered! Emmaline is now on the My Family Found Me page on Reece’s Rainbow.  When I asked the family if I could share the news here, the email response left me in tears “Of course! Share away!! Hopefully it will help other children find families. We’re dedicated to this little girl and are more than happy to share…Thanks again for everything! God used your blog to introduce us to this beautiful girl, and I know your future blogs will do the same for others.”

And I am oh so grateful to all who shared her story. It is encouraging to know the words on this blog can help change the future for better.

Wearing my Heath&Home KEEP bracelet today in celebration

As this family progresses in their adoption journey, I will share their Family Sponsorship Page (FSP) and a blog if they start one because I know many of you want to help them along the way.  I am overjoyed that Emmaline will soon be home in a family all her very own. I pray that she is the catalyst child for the many families who started asking themselves “could we adopt?” after reading her story.


7 comments on “Grateful Day

  1. This makes me soooo happy!!!! I fell in love with Emmaline through your blog! It started a big conversation with my husband and myself about the adoption process. I struggle with infertility and this something that has always been on the table for me, but not for my husband. And to make a long story short I will just say it really opened up conversation for us. It may not lead to adoption in our near future, but thank you!

    • Thank you for your comment Randi. I’m sorry to hear about the struggle with infertility but happy to hear you and your husband were able to talk about adoption. Keeping the conversation open and your hearts aware of the need is a great place to be. I know it took us years before we were in a place where we were ready to adopt. You may find it helpful to join the Official Reece’s Rainbow facebook group. That is a good place for everyone who supports international adoption for children with special needs to come together. I joined it years before we seriously considered adoption because I liked to follow other people’s stories and help advocate.

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!!!! So, so, so happy that this precious girl’s family has found her!! We’ve had her picture on the “prayer” side of the fridge for quite a while now.

    We would love to help her family get to her in any way possible- thank you so much for keeping us updated!!!


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