An Afternoon Embroidery

Thanksgiving round here was lovely. We had family come over the river and through the woods to hang out with cousins and catch up with sibs.  Between my sister-in-law and myself we had more dessert options than people, which meant the very best part about Thanksgiving – pie for breakfast on Friday morning – was an epic expanse of pastry goodness.  (This pumpkin crunch cake has been declared a new family tradition.) On Friday the kids had a cousin gift exchange which meant Angelina got to open her very first Christmas present!  It was a glorious assortment of craft supplies which she and Daddy organized in her very own desk.  After family left on Friday afternoon, my kiddos all went down for naps and I had to force myself to break my rule “never wake a sleeping child” when the clock struck 4:30 and I realized I must wake them or risk throwing off bedtime.  We had family movie night, everyone went to sleep content, and I woke up this morning ready to welcome winter and all things Advent.

This afternoon for quiet time, while the big kids played in their rooms using the art supplies from the gift exchange and little Kitty fell asleep cradling her Little People animals (best gift ever!), I poured a cup of tea and settled down to work on batch #3 of the babushka dolls with lupines, lavender, and periwinkles dancing in my imagination.   When these 15 babas are complete, I will have made 47 ornaments! In case you are eyeing these trying to decide which ones to claim, I’ve gotta say sorry – these are already pre-ordered from emails people sent after the last two babushba batches sold like hot cakes.  (if you want to order a random ornament or make a personalized request, please send me an email at here is an explanation of the fundraiser) All of this work and support has led to Donnie’s grant growing by $459 so we are nearly to the $1,000 goal!!!




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