The Advent Wreath

For as long as I can remember, my family has observed the liturgical season of Advent – the time of waiting for Christ’s coming.  I remember the tall candles on the dining table that we would light during this time, counting down the time for Christmas and my dad reading aloud The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas.

For the past seven years of married life, my husband and I have shambled together Advent wreaths; I believe we even had candles at least one year. Because of our frequent moves, I often spent this season digging around unpacked boxes trying to locate our Advent items and then packing them up for an upcoming move as soon as the season was over. This year, despite all the upheaval our family has been persevering through, I feel semi-prepared for enjoying Advent as a family.

I found this Advent wreath on ebay after a friend shared a picture of her wreath. I’d never heard of the brand (Terra Sancta Guild) before but it was love at first sight.


The purples and blues are perfect for Advent and Christmas liturgical colors and, in my opinion, much more pleasant than the jangling combination of green and red.  The words along the ring say “A Light Shines In The Night”


Naturally I had to go to Hobby Lobby to get the right candles for the wreath. While I was there, lost amidst the crafting possibilities, the felt found me.

It’s been doing that recently. I turn around and there is felt, just begging to be made into something. What can I do? Turn it away? Say “I’m sorry, you are looking at the wrong lady. I’m busy. I have kids that would love to eat you. My dog will shed on you. Is that the kind of life you want?” No! That’s not what you say to felt when it corners you in the back aisle of Hobby Lobby. Do you realize how big that store is? It could be days before my body would be found, pushed behind the bags of fiber filling. I have so much more life to live! There’s no way that felt was going to take me down.



…It wasn’t that dramatic though my life did flash before my eyes. Good thing felt isn’t made with mercury anymore or you might be doubting my sanity right now. Between you and me, I doubt it all the time, but the felt told me I’m fine, and it’s purple which is a very trustworthy color.

I came home with the candles, as planned, along with felt, more embroidery thread, and ummm other crafting bits because that is what always happens at Hobby Lobby. Once the babushka project for Donnie is done, I hope to whip up an Advent banner.  If that happens, I’ll tell you about it. Promise.

And happy Advent.


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