Embroidered Babushka Collage

I hoped to have a full collage of all the babushkas I’ve made so to share with you, but while scanning through my saved photos I found to my great sorrow that alas I forgot to take pics of one entire round of babushkas 😦 The completed ones from An Afternoon Embroidery are nowhere to be found. I included all the ones I do have though, which is a tidy total of 60! Good heavens that is a lot of dollies!  And I have two more to complete before Christmas as well as two more to complete by the new year (a request arrived in my email this am).  This has been truly a most enjoyable project and goodness it is such a joy to see Donnie’s adoption grant growing by the day; it is currently $1,089.50.

And here are some of the in-process pics:


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