Roman’s Progress

I wandered over here yesterday to share Roman’s progress with you.  The plan was to upload a video only to discover that my current blog plan doesn’t support video files, boo. After 3 hours of molasses slow uploading, I was able to share the video on facebook but it looks like I cant cross share that to this blog.

Roman wearing my baby shoes

Here are some of the MAJOR leaps in abilities over the past few weeks:

  • creep-crawling up on hands and knees
  • finding specific toys in a jumble of toys
  • placing toys in containers
  • lifting lids to find hidden toys
  • climbing up on furniture (good heavens I just bout had a heart attack the first time he nonchalantly swung his leg up to climb on a chair)
  • eating MASSIVE amounts of food, the majority of which he finger feeds himself
  • growing into 2T clothing (remember he came home in 12 month clothing)
  • Babbling in a way that sounds like emerging language, mainly NANAAAA when he is eating a banana
  • Learning the sign for “more” which he uses to intentionally communicate. This development came after 4 months of endless repetition during every meal for every bite with mom signing “more” between each bite. When he started to sign “more” the whole family erupted at the table with claps and shouts of joy. Roman looked startled to have all that noise wash over him but then his cheeky little side grin spread across his face and he proudly signed “more” for all to see. Up till this point we had no way to tell if he would ever communicate in any form, so this was a miracle.


Yesterday I was planning on sharing our two biggest challenges we currently face with Roman:

  1. He has started banging his head on any hard surface he can find. Now that he can crawl, as soon as he is set loose he is moving towards walls, the kitchen floor, or the metal radiator. We don’t know why this started out of the blue about 3 weeks ago but it has been a constant daily stressor.  Where once he was able to crawl about the living room and follow me around the house, now when he isn’t being held he is in the large play pen in the living room. He still gets to be part of daily life, has tons of toys he plays with in there, but it certainly doesn’t fix the behavior. We are waiting on a foam helmet that his occupational therapist ordered. We don’t know if this is a sensory seeking behavior or an attention seeking behavior (it is likely a combination) but the foam helmet should dampen the sensory input so that it isn’t rewarding and it will protect his little brain if he bangs his head HARD a few times before I can get to him to redirect him.  When he is out of the play pen I am always in the room with him but he starts the head banging so quickly that sometimes he has managed to hit his head two or three times before I get to him. This has affected family life as well since I cannot take Roman places like church or mom’s group unless I keep him in the stroller. A couple months ago he was indifferent about being in a stroller or out of one, but now he has opinions (which is wonderful) and his opinion is that he wants to be OUT of the stroller. It would be different if he could be out of the stroller or playpen and being held, buuuuuuuuuuut…
  2. …Roman resists being held. Sure, you can carry him from one place to another and he’s fine with that, but he will not sit in your lap, he will not snuggle, he will not be rocked.  Resist is too soft a word really, imagine holding a toddler sized alligator who has not been fed in ages and wants to wear your hair as a wig.  Most nights after getting him ready for bed, I try to rock him in the rocking chair in his room for a few minutes.  It’s a miracle I have all my teeth (though not all my hair) and have avoided black eyes thanks to my cat like reflexes.  But there will be a moment when suddenly the fight will go out and he will relax for a moment or two. When he kicks back into kicking mode I know it’s time for bed.


So that was what I was planning on telling you yesterday. But then a miracle happened last night. Roman had a fantastic day.  He played well, napped, ate massive amounts of food, and then sat contentedly in my lap after dinner.  He was cooing and giggling while being changed into pjs. When I sat down in the rocking chair, he snuggled right down and within minutes was fast asleep.

Today he is back to not really being too pleased with being held, but now I know it can happen.


10 comments on “Roman’s Progress

  1. Loving all of the miracles! And, those little red shoes? Beyond precious! I wonder if he’s having some head aches and the head banging is a result. I know that it is kind of a norm w/ kids who’ve lived in institutions. He has a shunt, doesn’t he? Just a thought. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

    • You are right about the head banging and institutionalization. And yes, he does have a shunt, good memory! I’ve kept a wary eye out for signs of shunt failure due to the head banging but so far nothing else has shown up. The thing is he will hit his head a few times and then glance up at me like “are you seeing this mom” with a suggestion of a smile on his face. He started headbanging the same day he started signing which is why our OT is inclined to think there is a behavioral component.

  2. Ahh, that darned parenthood curse…change. You think you have them figured out, then, they change. Just think of all the learning his brain is doing these days…I’d be banging my head on something too. May he keep learning, growing, and shining! God bless!

    • So true!
      It is mind boggling to think of how much he has changed and learned in the past few months. I’m hoping her grows out of this head banging phase sooner than later.

  3. Matthew did the head banging too, not malicious, but also with a grin and a look that suggested he was trying to get our attention. He hasn’t been doing it as much lately.

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