Healthy Habits | 2016

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas.  Christmas at the Heath Home was delightful and just right.

Today I woke up with the contentment of knowing a good year is coming to a close and another year is right around the corner. As I look forward to a new year, I like to look back over the past, packed, glorious year in order to identify some of the habits I started that have made a positive impact.

There have been so many changes and challenges this year, here are the top 5 habits I plan to carry over to 2017:

  1. Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) – My health took a serious hit in the weeks following our homecoming with Angelina and Roman. There were major stressors in every aspect of life at that time, not all adoption related.  One morning, after a sleepless night due to intolerable pain, I googled NRT options in our area.  A chiropractor 40 minutes away came up in the search; I called the office, they got me in that morning.  I came home with a couple of bottles of supplements to be taken in high doses for a few days and within 36 hours I was feeling better than I’d felt in years. After the virus (the root of the tissue pain) had been totally eradicated, I went back for a full system evaluation and have been taking capsules to help adrenal support and immunity support ever since.  Bringing NRT on board with our health has been incredible for my husband and myself and I fully intent to continue this habit in 2017.
  2.  Loopy Houeskeeping – At any given time of any given day, there is a room in disarray in my house. BUT, thanks to keeping up with my loopy housekeeping approach, at any given time of any given day, there is also a clean room in my house! That is a pretty big deal folks.
  3. Early To Bed, Early To Rise – This habit came late to the 2016 game when I started resorting to waking up at 4:15am during December in order to have time to work on the embroidered babushka dolls.  During those mornings I realized how much I loved that quiet time when not a creature was stirring. Now that the push to get the babushkas completed is over, I’ve pushed my wake-up time back to a more reasonable 4:30am.  My mindset for waking up has been the biggest change. Waking up before the kids means I’ve had time to think before suddenly there is this huge push in the morning of “wantwantwant,needneedneed”. Before, when kids started stirring around 6 or 6:30, I’d be up caring for them before I could really wake up and they are all still very needy in the morning. I am needy in the mornings too and have a hard time meeting the needs of hungry children, especially when Roman requires all the attention of one parent until he has been fully fed.  Since time is the only cure for the neediness, I’ve given myself more time in the morning to have a cup of tea, read a book, do some stretches, embroider or crochet a bit, or just sit and not have people talking at me for a solid hour.  It’s been nice for my husband too because, honestly, I wasn’t very pleasant or helpful in the morning, so he carried a lot of the childcare during that first hour of the day. I didn’t feel like I hit my stride with kids, attitude, and housekeeping until about 10am or later.  Now, when the first kidlet (usually Kitty) starts peeping at 6am, my attitude has had time to settle and I’m ready for the day.
  4. Cohesive Wardrobe – I wrote about the idea of a capsule wardrobe before and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am not a capsule wardrobe gal.  If you look the ideas up on Pinterest, everything is kinda bland and semi-professional. Some people are content and look great in a chambray skirt, creamy blouses, and the occasional pop of color, but that person is not me.  There is just too much grime in my daily life to take on a gauzy top paired with a smart blazer; I need things that hold up against smears of oatmeal, yogurt, and poop. But I didn’t want to have yoga pants and husband’s sweatshirt be my daily mom uniform.  Thanks to figuring out that my Kibbe type is Flamboyant Natural and that my color pallet is tinted/soft autumn, I have been able to make intentional choices about my clothes to the point where now I can reach into my closet and wear whatever I pull out.  (At this very second that means babushka dolls leggings and a mustard yellow dress.) Decision fatigues hits me hard and fast, I don’t want to wast my decision energy on picking out what I’m going to wear each day. Now that I have items that all work together and come together without a second thought. I am dressed better and feel better about my appearance every day. Eshakti is where I find dresses that can be ordered to fit (helpful for tall girls) and ThredUp has filled in holes in my wardrobe.
  5. Family Catechesis – This habit is due solely to the perseverance of my incredible husband.  Thanks to him, the kids gather in the living room every morning and evening for Bible reading, memorization of the Small Catechism, a fun book (Aesop’s Fables in the am, Redwall in the pm) a hymn or two, and prayers.  Often in the evenings I am cloistered in my room during this time because this introvert needs to refresh her vert scores before facing bedtime routines. That being said, I am extremely grateful to have a husband who takes his role as head of the household seriously and is eager to teach our children in the way they should go. It is certainly a habit I will encourage through 2017 and beyond.



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